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March 13, 2019
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As mentioned, I am a martian millennial. I grew up with technology and I evolved with social media. However, I still find myself stuck in some pretty old school habits.

I use paper.

A lot.

For instance, I take notes on my notepad instead of my phone. There is something oddly satisfying about taking your pen and crossing off a completed task. I print off agendas so I can take written notes during client meetings. I keep binders full of documents and write important information on post-it notes.

Although my desk can get a bit cluttered, I just cannot bring myself to digitize such material. And maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.

Upon doing a little research I found experts say physically writing things down can improve your memory, clarify your thoughts and even help reach your goals.

In fact, Dr. Virginia Berniger, who studies reading and writing systems and their relationship to learning processes, said the difference may lie in the fact that with writing, you use your hand to form the letters (and connect them), thereby more actively engaging the brain in the process. Typing, on the other hand, involves just selecting letters by pressing identical-looking keys.

Writing forces us to slow down. It also becomes a bit more personal vs. letters on a screen.  And the best part? Your notepad will never randomly decide to shut down in the middle of your work.

I may be a millennial, but I still believe the pen is mightier the keyboard.

Kelsey Makings
Kelsey Makings
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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  1. Betina says:

    I enjoy handwriting notes, too, and find it much more useful and satisfying than entering into a phone, although I do enjoy typing notes on my computer keyboard, if only because it’s so much faster… and faster to backspace and make corrections.

    If you’re interested in digitizing your notes, you could scan them (as JPGs) and upload them to Evernote. Believe it or not, some people swear that Evernote reads their handwriting — wouldn’t that be great, to be able to find your handwritten notes just by typing key words in a search field instead of digging through tons of pads or sheets of paper.

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