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How I define Public Relations:

I define public relations as connecting the right message to the right people.

Hat you most identify with:

The hat I most identify with is the crown. Just as a queen creates rules to lead her nation, a strategic communicator must create and disseminate a persuasive message to connect the client with their audience.

My Story:

When I was a child, my parents built a castle in my room with stairs to a bed on top, and a dug-out dungeon below.  I always wanted to be a princess when I grew up, but after finding out I needed to be born into a royal family, I let my mind wander to other career options.  

I spent many warm nights in my castle bed in Phoenix staying up too late with my book light reading any fantasy stories I could find in the library from “Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales and Stories” to the “Magic Tree House” series to “Peter and the Starcatcher.” 

I became enamored with the way a story made me feel, and I knew after all the late nights staying up to read that I, too, wanted to use my words to create a magical story.

In the search for my magical destiny, I landed at Creighton University in snowy Omaha, Neb. 

Unsure of what I wanted to study, I took a variety of classes from Native American studies to dance to the required intro to communication. While the rest of my peers devised public speaking, I jumped at the opportunity to present in the class and write weekly journal entries.  

I decided to take another communication class – health communication – and haven’t looked back since declaring it as my major. 

But always dreaming of a fairy tale ending, I jetted off to study for a semester at the University of Limerick in Shannon, Ireland where I learned to combine my love for communication with my hobbies of travelling, listening to music and hiking.

I started writing articles for my school’s blog about my experiences solo traveling through Europe. I even cold-called one of my favorite dancers for an interview, and later landed interviews with some of my favorite bands. 

These experiences finally led me to an internship with Fontenelle Forrest, where I got to utilize my public relation and marketing with my love of nature.  More importantly, I was helping send out the message to hunters and fishers that their use of lead bullets poses a deadly threat to other animals.  

Through the lens of a fictitious story, I feel like the Karate Kid after waning and waxing a car with Mr. Miyagi – the courses I’ve taken in school and the experiences I’ve had through internships are all building the skills I need to be an effective and strategic communicator. 

The search for this magical destiny has been filled with plot twists that took me from Phoenix to the Midwest and then to Ireland, The Netherlands, England and Spain, but I’m happy to be back in Phoenix starting a new chapter here at HMA Public Relations.