Can Your First Name Predict Your Career Choice?

When Adrian and I kibbutz before recording our podcast, the conversations always veer off on tangents.  We started talking about holiday shopping, which led to buying habits and how retailers subtly (or not so subtly) guide us to decision-making, which led to predictive behavior, which landed us on the topic of whether your first name predicts your career choice. (Don’t ask, it is always a winding road with us).

Adrian mentioned an article from 2014, quoting a 2002 study, that says certain names and certain career choices tend to be linked.  It cited a theory called implicit egotism theory, meaning humans have an unconscious preference for things they associate with themselves.

They looked at the membership roster from the American Bar Association and found that quite a few lawyers are named Laura, Lauren, Laurie, Laverne, Lawrence, Larry, Lance, and Laurence.  (Lawyer – Lawrence).

Same thing happened when they reviewed the American Dental Association roster. Denise, Dena, Denice, Denna, Dennis, Denis and Denny are drawn to the dental profession.

I thought I’d take a look at the Public Relations Society of America’s membership directory and see if it holds true.  PRSA has about 30,000 members.   There are about 150 members named Paul, Pauline and Paula (Paul-Public). Carl/Connie (communications) clock in at about 200 names with Riley (writer) at 15.

I think I’ll stick to what your astrological sign says about your career path.  Seems to be just as likely as any other theory. Besides, I can make the connection to being Libra, but not sure what or how Abbie aligns with public relations.

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at Dec 3, 2020

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