Music Streaming Services: A Useful PR Tool

Chances are if you have been on social media in the past week, you have seen at least one of your friends post their Spotify Wrapped results. The Spotify Wrapped feature compiles all of your listening history from the year and creates a custom video just for you. This easily sharable experience includes your top songs, how many artists you listened to and all the minutes you spent listening to podcasts. Regardless of what music streaming platform you use, if utilized correctly, it can lead to PR success for your client and allow you to engage with your followers in a fresh way.

One way to use music streaming to your advantage is to create a playlist. Creating a custom playlist allows you to set a tailored soundtrack for a campaign or client. You can also generate playlists for designated tasks or moods. Making these playlists for your followers is a fast and simple way to show that you care.

Brands like Reebok are using Spotify to its fullest. In addition to creating custom exercise playlists with their famous collaborators like Cardi B, September saw Reebok launch a sneaker line with Spotify codes printed on the sole. When users scanned the code on the Spotify app, it led them to a playlist inspired by that shoe.

Podcasts have become commonplace on music streaming services and in 2020, many podcasts do not require a listening app specifically for them. If your client is interested in stepping into the podcast game, consider uploading them onto your Spotify account. This will allow followers to listen to all their content in one place.

A great way to reach your followers is through their ears so consider using music streaming services as an engagement tool.

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at Dec 10, 2020

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