Murals as Marketing Tools?

We’ve seen graffiti and how it can ruin a railroad car, a public space or a neighborhood.  Many municipalities have graffiti squads just to try to eliminate its proliferation and property damage.

But what about when outfacing or inward facing surfaces and walls are intentionally decorated, in the form of murals, similar to what we saw in the early stages of the pandemic with sidewalk art?

Roosevelt Row in Phoenix has its own mural program to showcase artists and their work.

Murals can also serve as a way for a business or other organization to express themselves in a personal, unique way, creating a connection with their target audience – specifically customers.

Artist Taylor Nelson of Taylor Victoria Art said, “Murals have proven to draw more attention to a business space when designed and executed intentionally. With an increase in social media usage, our culture loves taking selfies in front of ‘instagramable’ walls. Murals serve as beneficial marketing for local businesses all the while adding unique beauty to the community. Murals often become a destination site. In other words,.. ‘If you paint it, they will come!’”

If you’d like help connecting with your target audience, please let us know.

Mural at Black Rock Bouldering Gym. Photo by Ryan David Bengford

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at Mar 9, 2022

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