How Microsoft is paying attention to my wellbeing

We just did a systems upgrade at the office and apparently Microsoft 365 is very concerned with my wellbeing. Lucky for me when I opened the email with the subject line My Analytics: Wellbeing Edition it wasn’t spam.
So let’s take a look at Microsoft has to say:

  • Over the past four weeks, I’ve averaged 47% of my time collaborating with others.
  • Although my calendar is only 30% blocked at the beginning of the work week, I am not scheduling enough uninterrupted time.
  • I am extremely distracted by email (ironic considering they send me the information via email). In fact, I sent 1,401 emails and read 2,584 emails.
  • I spent 21.5 hours interacting with members of the HMA staff and almost six hours interacting with clients…per week, for a total of 238 different people for the month.
  • I only had one quiet day in February (a Saturday). Yippee for me – it was a one-day streak!
  • Approximately 25% of my time was spent in meetings.  And 86% of those meetings were scheduled with only one day’s notice.

Thank you Microsoft for your attention to my wellbeing.

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash
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at Mar 19, 2020

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