#MediaMonday – Yasmeen Hassan

We say it here at HMA all the time – we PR folks wear a lot of hats.
Sometimes, we have our writing hats on. Other days, we have our event planning and story pitching hats on. And sometimes, we have our crisis management and business consulting hats on. Heck, most days we wear all these hats at the same – and then some!
But, so do our friends in the media.
Case in point, FOX 10 Arizona Morning associate producer Yasmeen Hassan, who is busy booking talent, writing newscast copy, managing partnerships, developing social media content and more every single day starting at about 4 a.m. Oh, she also makes time to study for her Master’s degree in communications too!
So, today we are pleased to profile fellow hat-wearer Yasmeen as a part of our regular HMA #MediaMonday series. You can see some of our past profiles here.
So, Yasmeen, what do YOU want to tell the blogosphere today?

I am a new valley dweller, just moving here less than 2 years ago from Tucson. I’m still trying to find my way around Phoenix, so GPS has become my new best friend.
I graduated from the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) majoring in film and television production. I’m now pursing my graduate degree at Arizona State University, although I still consider myself a Wildcat!
My parents and brother are still down in Tucson, so a little bit of my heart is still there. All 3 of them are prominent doctors in their fields, so I guess you can say I’m the black sheep of the family, but I had to pursue what I loved.
Right after school I started working for JohnJay and Rich in the Morning, which was a great experience. I got my first taste of morning show life, reporting and producing all while trying to fix couples in War of the Roses.
I’ve worked as an event coordinator and marking assistant at fine dining restaurants and resorts all around Arizona. I’ve helped put together everything from political press conferences to cowboy wine tastings.
My love of news came from upbringing. I was born in Cairo, Egypt but moved to America when I was 3 years old. Since my extended family is still there, I have always been interested in current affairs and their impact on our daily lives.
That brings me to my current position as the associate producer for Fox 10 Arizona Morning. Being at work in the middle of the night can be rough at times, but the payoff is well worth it. I love being involved in the news, booking, and managing clients. Figuring out new and creative ways to entertain and inform viewers drives me to get out of bed every morning at 1 a.m.
Other than work and school I’m working on mastering the art of freeway driving, learning to cook, discovering new restaurants and traveling whenever I can. I am still trying to make Phoenix my home, and welcome all friendly faces. Feel free to drop me line, pitch idea, or just say hello!
yasmeen.hassan@foxtv.com or @yhassan37

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at Feb 27, 2012

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