#MediaMonday – Wag-Worthy Edition!

Viva Dog and her Momma, Abbie

As most of our loyal readers know, each Monday we post a blog focusing on one member of the media, aptly titled “#MediaMonday,” where we ask one simple question: What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
We’ve had some pretty epic responses from nearly 100 media folks thus far, which you can check out here.
But today, we have to give a tip of the hat to our Public Relations Global Network partner and
pals Landis Communication and their own “Meet the
Media” blog.

Cinder, Scott's Amazing Newspaper-Fetching Pooch

Why, you ask?
It’s about doggies!!
Well, not exactly, but it is about Sharon Castellanos, editor of Life + Dog Magazine.
While I – Lucky’s mom – am a STAUNCH “cat person,” Viva’s mom (Abbie); Little Monster’s mom (Steph); Fenway and Charger’s mom (Britt); Sophie’s aunt (Kendra); and Cinder’s dad (Scott) are not.
So, today, enjoy a great “guest” #MediaMonday from Sharon, courtesy of our fellow puppy parents at Landis.
Click here to take a lick…er….look!

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at Jan 16, 2012

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