#MediaMonday Update– Kerry Fehr-Snyder

Our #MediaMonday profile today has been featured on our blog in the past.  Kerry Fehr-Snyder has recently taken on the role of editor of the Arizona Capitol Times and Yellow Sheet Report, returning to print journalism after eight years in audio. And it couldn’t be a better time to direct and edit local political coverage.

Kerry – you had a lengthy career at the Arizona Republic before moving to KJZZ, which you have said was a long-held dream to work in public radio. Now that the dream has been fulfilled, you are returning to your print journalism roots at the Arizona Capitol Times.

How does it feel to be back in a print newsroom?

The Arizona Capitol Times and its sister publications, the Yellow Sheet and Legislative Report, are unique because they operate from a small newsroom by the state capitol. The latter two publications are daily, subscription-only newsletters aimed at lobbyists, lawyers and lawmakers. Because of that, they are written for political insiders and aren’t shared like Republic and KJZZ stories on social media sites like Twitter (X), Facebook, Threads and Reddit.

What can we expect from the publications over the next several months in the lead-up to the Presidential Election?

State Affairs, a relatively young news organization based in Miami, Fla., recently bought all three of our publications. The sale marked the 10th state for State Affairs. We will be collaborating with other State Affairs journalists to cover the 2024 presidential and congressional races. We also will continue covering the “fake electors” scheme in the 2020 Presidential Election and other still-litigated state races, including governor and attorney general.

With 35+ years of covering stories here in the Valley, what are some of the stories you are most proud of? Sumitomo Sitix’s fight to build a silicon wafer factory in Phoenix.

Motorola’s 66-satellite system to launch global cell phone communications.

The Covid-19 pandemic and public health preparations for the next pandemic.

The controversy over the animal-testing facility, Covance Lab, in Chandler.

ASU’s move to take lab space and resources away from longtime venerable cancer researcher Robert Pettit.

Is there a story or subject that you’d like to revisit?

The surrogate mother who gave birth to five babies 20 years ago: Where are they now?

If you could spend the day with another journalist (past or present) who would that be and why?

NPR’s Steve Inskeep because he conducts great interviews and asks pointed follow up questions.

What was the last book you read?

“Off the Air” by longtime local journalist Christina Estes

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Abbott Elementary


Late Night with Seth Meyers

Favorite local restaurants or other haunts?

Dog parks and other dog friendly cafes

List three things our readers would be surprised to know about you?

*I was a 1984-85 Arizona Wranglers cheerleader while attending ASU. We went to Jacksonville, Fla., for the national championship. During our stay, I went on a double date with Jim Kelly. (He was my friend’s date; I got stuck with a big-neck linebacker).

*My ASU math tutor was a grad student from Lebanon and also the student advisor for Amnesty International. His student visa was expiring and he needed to marry a U.S. citizen to get Green Card. My Amnesty International “friends” told him to ask me for some reason. I had to tell him over a very awkward lunch that I couldn’t help by marrying him because that would be fraud and I wanted to be a journalist.

*I was my dad’s only kid – that’s why I’ve hung onto my maiden name of Fehr.

Are you open to receiving story pitches?  What’s the best way to reach you?  Where can we find you on the socials?

Yes. We publish press releases in the Yellow Sheet Report. My email is kfehrsnyder@stateaffairs.com and my Twitter/X handle is @kerryfehrsnyder

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at Jun 3, 2024

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