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480346_444043788964119_1031433492_nOne of my favorite things about the social media age is sarcasm online – but only when done well, and when the person is good natured and laces his or her musing with genuine humor, too.
And, one of my favorite social media “friends” who does it right when it comes to the occasional online sarcasm and snark is Tim Gallen, who, as a reporter for the Phoenix Business Journal, happens to be a member of the actual media too.
Happy to have him “with us” on the blog today as our #MediaMonday spotlight.
So, Tim, time to share!
What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
Well, first things first, I suppose, right? I cover retail, restaurants and nonprofits for the Phoenix Business Journal. Oh, and I do about a dozen other things around the office, too. No, that’s not a complaint. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Since I’ve been in the Valley 20 years this summer, I think I can claim native, though I spent my early life as a military brat. I grew up in Glendale but took a four-year dalliance to the Pacific Northwest for college before boomeranging back to Phoenix. I enjoy life in the desert but the Northwest always calls my name. I live with my wife in the West Valley, though we often dream of an urban lifestyle in downtown Phoenix.
Because I love writing, journalism seemed a logical career choice when it was time to make such decisions. I enjoy stringing words together and telling and hearing good stories. In my free time, I write fiction and make movies with my brothers, who both live in the Los Angeles area. I have a short fantasy novella I’m preparing to self-publish this spring and my brothers and I are nearly finished with a web series we’ve spent the past year producing. But I digress.
Speaking of California, my wife and I spend a lot of time out there because we are big Disney geeks. We spend at least one weekend a month at the Happiest Place On Earth. And, no, we don’t have kids (unless you count the dog, which we do on occasion). Trust me: Disneyland is way more fun without kids.
If I’m not in California, I’m probably writing, reading or spending time with my wife at home. We don’t have cable or satellite, so we don’t watch much TV, though we have Netflix. My wife and I also have been known to take ballroom dance lessons and enjoy good, local craft beer, though usually not at the same time.
If you’re interested in pitching me stories, I like hearing about new restaurants opening or expanding around town, as well as any good business growth stories or interesting trends going on in restaurants or retailers. Also, any stories about unique or out-of-the-ordinary new ventures that are looking to develop here in town. If you can’t figure out who might be the best fit for your pitch, you can send it to me. Like I said, I wear many hats at the PBJ.
I prefer email at first blush, but if I know you, feel free to give me a ring. Specific and right to the point is best in both emails and voicemails. You can find me at tgallen@bizjournals.com or (602) 308-6508 or on Twitter at @PhxBizTimGallen or @tim_gallen. The first is the job one, the latter personal. You also can find me on Facebook.

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at Feb 3, 2014

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