#MediaMonday – Terri O

Terri O – MG, to be more precise.
So happy to see the one and only Terri O starting her new gig on Sonoran Living this morning. As such, it was only fitting to ask her to be today’s #MediaMonday to celebrate!
So, Terri O – what do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
When I grow up I want to be a television personality! NOT.
I never in a million years thought that I would turn on the tube and see me. Seriously, several times throughout the day I nearly pinch myself while thinking, “How lucky am I?”
Believe it or not as a kid I was very, very shy. I was terrified and would work myself up to the point of nearly making myself sick when asked to speak in front of my class. And for the longest time I remember never joining an after-school program or sports team, for fear of being successful.
I don’t really recall when that all changed for me, but I think it might have been the day my mother sat me down and said with conviction, “Terri, you can do whatever you want in life. Don’t ever tell yourself or let anyone else tell you, you can’t. You don’t need anyone but yourself.”
For some reason those few sentences hit a cord with me and have stuck ever since. Thanks mom, for being my biggest fan through it all!
Fast-forward to today and I am no longer afraid to work a crowd, engage with a bunch of strangers or be the first one to speak up. As a matter of fact I make a living at it and I feel so blessed to be able to “teach” of sorts on TV through crafting and DIY projects
Come to think of it, if I weren’t a television “personality” I would be a teacher because I love that “ahh-haa” moment; when it just clicks and you know you’ve made an impression on someone’s life no matter how big or small the project is.
For several years, I was lucky enough to create and complete those “projects” on 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona. And now I am embarking on a new chapter in the TV life – my life – as co-host of ABC15’s Sonoran Living Live continuing to share my lessons, also known as,:tips, ideas and places with all of you.
When I am not on your television screen, my boys are the center of my world and the light of my life. My oldest, Kyle, was only three-years-old when I started in the industry and now, he is a fine young man, serving our country. This past year, he spent his time protecting our freedom on the front lines in Afghanistan. My second son, Tatum, just turned Sweet 16, is becoming a fantastic hockey player and has landed his first job. Wow, time truly flies by.  
If there is one thing I’ve tried to teach my boys and everyone who has touched my life is to try to not take yourself too seriously and remember that “success” is in the eye of the beholder.
I hope you’ll join me on Sonoran Living Live at 9 a.m. weekdays. I promise we’ll have some fun and you’ll learn a few things – with a Terri O twist!

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at Aug 13, 2012

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