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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from a newer member of the local media scene: Tammy Fellows.

A Valley native (several generations back), Tammy graduated from the UofA before making a name for herself in publishing on both US coasts. After returning to Arizona years back she is now a mom of four. Well, five if you count her newest “baby,” Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine.

Tammy, how did you come to be the owner and publisher of Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine? Tell us about you!

After graduating from UofA, many moons ago I got my start by moving to Washington DC where I worked for a Telecommunications Association. There I cut my teeth on events and publishing. Shortly after that I moved to southern California (Orange County) where I really got my start in business magazines, publishing and events. From there my career grew stronger in working with various media firms as a publisher, which in the end brought me back to Arizona.

I eventually started my own media business with a partner a few years back, and then decided to take a bit of time off to spend with my growing family. Paradise Valley Lifestyle came at the perfect time, the previous owner was selling and it literally fell in my lap. Being an Arizona (Scottsdale) native, I have always been intrigued by local magazines. I am one who likes to be connected in my community so this was a very natural fit and couldn't have happened at a better time in my life.

For those unfamiliar, tell us about the magazine and your plans with it?

Paradise Valley Lifestyle started in 2013. The monthly publication was created exclusively for and about the local community of Paradise Valley, including areas in Scottsdale, Arcadia and Biltmore.

Our mission is simple; we hope to play a role in helping the local community flourish, by producing a private magazine filled with news, feel-good content and special events that take place every month. The content in the magazine is intended to be a light easy read, light in content and light in spirit. One of the most exciting facets of our publication is that it truly belongs to the community. Not only is Paradise Valley Lifestyle exclusively for and about the area residents, it is the true pulse of what’s happening and meaningful to our readers.

My plans are to take Paradise Valley Lifestyle to a new level. I look forward to growing the magazine by connecting the community and the people in it, supporting local businesses and helping them grow and showcasing non-profits and charitable causes. My drive is to provide true, feel-good content in the areas of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arcadia and Biltmore.

What are some editorial sections coming up in 2019?

To kick off the first half of the year, January will be a focus on health & wellness; February on the arts; March on the home; April on eco-friendly topics; and May on women in the community, June on Men in the community. We have regular sections, however, on local good works, business openings, food and drink, leaders within the region and more.

Where did you grow up in the Valley?

I was born in Scottsdale at Osborn Hospital and raised in Arcadia and Paradise Valley specifically. I call Scottsdale my home. I graduated from Saguaro High School (Go Sabercats!)

Favorite type of music?

I am a classic rock junkie (a true Led Zeppelin fan among many of the other greats), however, you will always find me listening to 80's jams. Truly I am a lover of all music and have a large range of playlists.

Favorite color?

Blue (probably why I ended up with four sons)

Favorite place to visit? 

I love to travel, it is difficult to narrow that down to one place....I am a fan of many European countries and the Caribbean, but in the states I love visiting New England, and the mountains of Colorado and beautiful Montana (where we ski every winter).

What are some of your favorite local spots or things to do?

That is a tough one, there are so many.  My husband and I are sports bar fans and frequent places like Goldies, Tavern Grill and Dukes. I always enjoy attending any live sporting event, concert or many of the Valley's fun local festivals. I also enjoy camping, hiking, scuba diving and skiing (I love the outdoors)

Favorite food? 

I love very flavorful and spicy food so Thai, Mexican and Mediterranean .

Least favorite food? 

There really isn't much food I don't like!

Three things readers would be surprised to know about you?

I am an adrenaline junkie.

I am a shark lover (Shark Week is my favorite), and I am fascinated by all things that live in the ocean.

I am a movie buff (I know more lines from movies than I should).

What should people be pitching you? 

I am all about feel-good stories. I like to share with my readers the positive things that are happening out there. I am a huge fan of local non-profits and charities who give back. I want my readers to know about the people of our community (people do business with people they can connect with). As a supporter of local business owners, I like to share new announcements for new businesses opening or expanding.

What is the lead time you need for content?

We typically work two months out for our content, this gives us plenty of lead time to provide adequate stories and news leading up to local events and happenings...

What is the best way to reach you?

Email: tammy.fellows@lifestylepubs.com


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