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SPJ Publicity SummitI had the pleasure of representing HMA Public Relations at the Society of Professional Journalists’ (SPJ) 14th Annual Valley Publicity Summit this past Saturday. For those unfamiliar with the Pub Sum, it’s a chance for PR pros to meet some of Phoenix’s brightest journalists, editors, producers and content planners. It’s also been dubbed as “the best Saturday morning in PR-media relations.”

The morning consisted of an 8 a.m. breakfast where we were all able to mix and mingle. After we had our fill on Chompie’s bagels, we moved onto the panel discussion, led by Scott Davis, where members of the media opened themselves up to questions from the PR pros present. And then, the real fun began—speed pitching. The media were separated into three rooms and it was our mission as PR pros to speak with as many as possible, each for no more than three minutes (a feat most of us failed miserably).

You can find out more about several of the journalists by clicking on the hyperlink to previous #MediaMonday posts.

I also used my time to ask each of them two questions: “How do you like your coffee?” and “Which cereal to you identify with and why?” The latter was I question I was asked in HMA’s writing exam so I thought I’d repurpose it.

Here’s what I found out!

  • Heather Dunn, content director of Cronkite News
    • Coffee: Giant and sweet; typically a vanilla latte with soy;
    • Cereal: Captain Crunch Peanut Butter because although consistently good, each bite is unique and delicious.
  • Ralph Zubiate, managing editor of East Valley Tribune, Ahwatukee Foothills News and SanTan Sun News
    • Coffee: Black, homemade, and in mass quantities. He usually drinks about six cups per day;
    • Cereal: Raising Bran because it’s solid and good with some bits of surprise.
  • Douglas Towne, editor of Arizona Contractor & Community magazine
    • Coffee: Cream and sugar;
    • Cereal: Arrowhead Mills Organic Sprouted Multigrain because he likes to think he’s multifaceted, too!
  • Nick Smith, editor of Arcadia News
    • Coffee: Just a little cream, no sweetener;
    • Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios because they’re serious enough to get the job done but a little sweet, like the nice guy he is.
  • Richard Ruelas, features reporter for Arizona Republic
    • Coffee: A black, homemade cold brew;
    • Cereal: He couldn’t think of one for himself but was quick to peg other people’s cereal counterparts!
  • Colleen Sparks, managing editor of SanTan Sun News
    • Coffee: With just a little sugar;
    • Cereal: Lucky Charms because they’re fun and colorful!
  • Debra Utacia Krol, freelance environment and science writer
    • Coffee: Black with sweetener;
    • Cereal: LIFE because it speaks to what she is, “alive!”
  • Mike Saucier, editor of Frontdoors Media
    • Coffee: Black;
    • Cereal: Lucky Charms because he’s half Irish!
  • Rebecca Rhoades, executive editor of Phoenix Home & Garden magazine
    • Coffee: None, can you believe it;
    • Cereal: Cracklin’ Oat Bran because it looks healthy but is indeed not!
  • Martha Mauer, assistant news director for KTAR news
    • Coffee: Black with one creamer;
    • Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries because she feels like it’s good for her and she loves strawberries.
  • Kara Morrison, editor of Raising Arizona Kids magazine
    • Coffee: Black so as not to dilute it;
    • Cereal: Instant oatmeal because it gets the job done!
  • Connor Dziawura, assistant editor for West Valley View
    • Coffee: With cream;
    • Cereal: Frosted Flakes because he’s a classic kind of guy.
  • Eric Watson, assignment editor for 12 News
    • Coffee: None. On occasion, he’ll indulge in a hot chocolate;
    • Cereal: Froot Loops “for obvious reasons,” mainly that he’s a sweet guy with the best beard in the business.
  • Jennifer Jones, senior content coordinator for AZ Family
    • Coffee: With a lot of flavored creamer;
    • Cereal: Cheerios topped with a little honey so that it seems like it’s trying to be sweet!
  • Carrie Watters, community editor for Arizona Republic
    • Coffee: With cream;
    • Cereal: Lucky Charms because she’s lucky to be a journalist in today’s world.
  • Josh Frigerio, digital journalist for ABC 15
    • Coffee: No coffee but he likes the smell;
    • Cereal: Cocoa Pebbles because it’s just good and everyone likes it!
  • Andy Ramirez, assignment editor and multimedia journalist for ABC 15
    • Coffee: Dark coffee with light cream;
    • Cereal: Lucky Charms because the benefit of eating a marshmallow—it’s a treat!
  • Chelsea Young, editor-in-chief of So Scottsdale! Magazine
    • Coffee: Black;
    • Cereal: Lucky Charms because it’s surprise with every bite
  • Ilana Lowery, editor-in-chief of the Phoenix Business Journal
    • Coffee: Coconut mocha (Keurig flavor) with sweetener;
    • Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats because they are yummy and sort of good for you!
Breanne Krager
Breanne Krager
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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