#MediaMonday – Sharing is Caring

We at HMA Public Relations pride ourselves on our media relationships. We’ve had the pleasure of profiling a lot of media professionals in our #MediaMonday blog series over the past three years with nearly 140 individuals and publications featured. We also own FinderBinderAZ, a top database of Arizona media contact information.

Another thing we love to do at HMA is share information – especially with our affiliates in the Public Relations Global Network, our international community of nearly 50 independent PR firms, now spanning six contents.

Here are a few blogs whose profile series we follow. We strongly recommend you check them out, especially if you are looking to find out more about the media in there respective cities:

San Francisco: Landis Communications’ blog Backtalk regularly features “Meet the Media”

Seattle: The Fearey Group is home to Fearless Thinking, which features a weekly Media Monday (and we’re flattered!)

And of course, take a look at our #MediaMonday archives to see if we’ve profiled your favorite journalist, editor or producer. See anyone missing you’d love to see featured? Let us know in the comments below!

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at May 6, 2013

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