#MediaMonday – Scott Hanson

Alison here in our office is counting the days until Friday – when she joins some of her favorite Valley media including Mike Jurecki, Ron Wolfley and Kent Sommers at Cardinals Camp.

Like these trusty media vets, Alison will have her reporter’s hat on, covering all of the most fabulous things to do, see and eat in Flagstaff in addition to watching Jon Skelton and Kevin Kolb fight to be our QB.
(On her story list – Flagstaff Extreme Obstacle Course, Bearizona, Alpine Pedaler, Cottage Place and Pepsi Amphitheatre for the BBQ & Brews Festival)
And, it turns out, a familiar name from the national media scene will be there too – Scott Hanson.
No, not our Scott Hanson (after all, he is a Packers fan and owner). We are talking about NFL Network anchor and NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson.
So, what will he be up to while Alison is taking photos at the Cardinals’ BBQ & Brews? Allow him to explain…
Scott, what do you want to tell the blogosphere about your plans up north this week?
So this is my last Monday of “freedom”… as of Tuesday, I’m off on the most ambitious training camp tour anyone at NFL Network has ever attempted.
10 camps in 10 days.
I calculated it… including the first travel day when I leave my home in Florida, I will be covering over 11,000 air miles on 15 different flights in 11 days.  Ten different hotels, and many hours in cars going to and from remote NFL Training Camp Sites.
I can’t reveal all the locations — (I think they might be planning a “Where in the World is Scott Hanson” type-reveal… but I can give you a hint of my first stop:  It’s the camp of a team playing in the very first preseason game — and as host of NFL RedZone, I should be happy with the colors I see.
Hope you enjoy watching my reports on NFL Network — (assuming I make all my connections, and don’t get lost.)
PS – check out this amazing story on how Hanson went from feeding the poor to NFL. Great article!
And – here are Alison’s initial top tips for enjoying Cards Camp as well. Enjoy!

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at Jul 23, 2012

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