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Cordova-Twitter-photoEach Monday, we are posting a blog to help our readers get to know the media just a little bit better.
With a TWIST!
No, we aren’t posting story pitch tips or media lists, but instead great stories from the media themselves about their lives, their work and other little known facts! Think of it as your first “networking” opportunity of the week!
Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Randy Cordova!
Randy Cordova is an arts and entertainment journalist at The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com. Through the years, he has written about pop culture, including music, movies, television, books, art galleries, events and radio.  He has also worked as an adjunct professor at ASU and Phoenix College. He is always interested in story ideas that fit on his beat.
The HMA team has worked with Randy quite a bit over the years. So, Randy, time to share!
What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
Because our website, azcentral.com, is big on numbered lists, here is a numbered list of eight things about me.  Because, you know, nine simply would be overkill.

  1. I am a genuine, honest-to-goodness, Arizona native.  I am a member of the last graduating class of the now-defunct West High School (Thunderbirds!) and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Arizona State University.
  2. I joined The Arizona Republic as a news assistant while I was in college. I wrote obituaries, answered phones and learned and watched from some great journalists.
  3. As an entertainment reporter, you get to talk to a lot of famous people. When I’m asked who I’ve interviewed, people are usually most impressed by Bono, Keira Knightley, Tommy Lee Jones and John Mayer.  Personally, I was more excited about speaking with Frankie Laine, Sheena Easton, Vikki Carr, Demian Bichir and Petula Clark. Different strokes, you know.
  4. Favorite part of being a journalist: You get to ask questions you never would in a normal social situation. It’s like getting paid to be nosy.
  5. Movies reviews are easiest to write when you hate the film.
  6. I love music, movies, TV, board games, biographies, spending time with family and traveling.Cordova-Sergio-Dalma
  7. Speaking of travel, my wife and I went to Spain for the first time this year. Thanks to my wife and some new friends, we met singer Sergio Dalma, whose music I’ve enjoyed for 25 years. He couldn’t have been more welcoming and gracious. Perhaps someday I will have the opportunity to interview him.
  8. Despite all the changes and turbulence in the business, I still love writing and reading.

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at Sep 22, 2014

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