#MediaMonday- Nico Simino

It’s #MediaMonday and you know what that means! It’s time for a new feature. Our newest comes from our Public Relations Global Network partner, Fearey Agency in Washington. In Fearey’s Meet The Media series, they interviewed Nico Simino, an assignment editor at King 5 in Seattle.

Read a snapshot from the interview and the full blog post here!

Can you share a bit about your background and how you got started in journalism, specifically as an assignment editor?

During my college years, I found my passion for journalism at my college radio station. Despite initially studying aviation, the experience sparked my interest in pursuing journalism as a viable career. My love for college radio led me to explore opportunities back in my hometown of New York City, hoping to secure a position in radio. However, things took a different turn, and I found myself contributing to various local newspapers and news websites.

Driven by a desire for stability, I transitioned to TV news, recognizing it as a more secure industry compared to the turbulent nature of print journalism. The industry was undergoing significant challenges, with many newspapers struggling due to dwindling ad revenue. Venturing into freelance work as a stringer, I found my way into the world of television. This freelance work eventually opened doors for me at a prominent New York TV station. It was there that I began my role as an assignment editor, bringing together my diverse experiences and skills to contribute to the dynamic field of news reporting.

How do you coordinate coverage of breaking news or major events? what strategies do you employ to ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting?

In the fast-paced world of breaking news, I employ a strategy I term “triage,” learned from a former colleague. Ideally, a standby reporter would be ready, but reality differs. For events like a plane crash, I assess comprehensively, deciding on the appropriate response—photographer or full report. For major incidents like the tragic one off of Whidbey Island a few years ago, swift and coordinated responses are crucial. Dispatching crews and gathering preliminary information guide our actions. Identifying the closest reporter, I initiate calls at the assignment desk to ensure they’re well-prepared. Trust is paramount; if official sources are unavailable, reliable firsthand accounts are considered. My approach prioritizes the speed and accuracy of reporting, ensuring our audience receives timely, reliable information.

For those aspiring to work in journalism, what advice do you have, particularly for individuals interested in pursuing a career as an assignment editor?

For those aspiring to work in journalism, particularly those eyeing a career as an assignment editor, my advice is rooted in passion. Ensure that you are genuinely passionate about the field, and driven by a deep connection to the work. It’s essential because, truth be told, journalism isn’t renowned for its lucrative pay, and it never really was. The industry landscape has changed significantly, with heightened competition and diminished ad revenue, making it challenging to maintain the salaries of the past.

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at Mar 25, 2024

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