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Jewish NewsToday’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Nick Enquist, a new reporter at the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix.

So, Nick, tell us a little bit about yourself.

It's funny; I wasn't really into reading or writing as a kid. The only pieces of literature I consumed were SuperHero comics, and even then I barely read them. I just looked at the pictures. However, I did like making up stories about Batman, Star Wars, cowboys, jet pilots or whatever sparked my interest that week. It was probably because I was an only child, but I had a large imagination that could turn my bedroom into the most fantastic of realms.

The first time I really appreciated reading was in middle school when I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time. I really loved it, and it was exciting to have to express my opinions on it to my teacher and the class. Then in high school I had a rather eccentric English teacher named Mr. Markham, and he had enough energy to power a city. He encouraged everyone to partake in some creative writing while in his class. Perhaps it was his optimism, but it really seemed like he wanted to read everyone's stories. So, I sent him some really bad short fiction, but that's how I caught the writing bug.

Although, what got me to want to pursue writing as a career was college, where I met so many people who were so welcoming and happy to work with everyone on their craft. Plus, just meeting all my professors who make a career out of it was wonderful. It gave me the notion that not only could I write but I should be writing and it'll be a worthwhile experience.

After many different jobs, I joined the Jewish News since August of this year.

People can find me on twitter at @Nick_Enquist or on Instagram at the same handle. I usually just use them to post dumb jokes or geek about comics, but I always appreciate connecting with new people.

And Nick, please tell us….

Favorite type of music?

Celtic, bluegrass, classic rock, heavy metal... whatever's playing honestly

Favorite local haunts?

Most people will probably see me at Goodwood Tavern in Old Town Scottsdale

Favorite places to visit?

England, Ireland, LA, Vegas and Chicago

Favorite food?


Favorite book?

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... and Batman

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Abbie S. Fink
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