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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from CBS-5 Traffic Anchor and lifestyle columnist, Nadine Bubeck, who recently celebrated the launch of her website, NadineOntheScene.com.

So, Nadine, time to share!


What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?


Well, isn’t that a loaded question; I’m used to being the interviewer—LOL!

I suppose I’ll start with this.  First and foremost, I’m a wife and blushing newlywed.  Second, I’m a dog lover; hence me constantly exploiting my sweet Chow Chow on Facebook.  And third, my passion is broadcast and journalism; I’m a TV personality, host, and writer.

Monday through Friday, my alarm sounds at 3 a.m.; I’ve mastered getting ready in 15 minutes flat for our CBS-5 Morning News.  For the past 2-1/2years, I’ve been a part of the KPHO family as the traffic anchor…I love my job.

Before finding my happily ever after in Arizona, I spent two years as a video-journalist at the FOX affiliate in San Diego.  There, I shot, edited, wrote, and reported all my stories.  (The one-man-band is a sign of the times.)  I took a leap of faith surrendering the field for the studio when making my move to Phoenix; however, my traffic position has become the biggest blessing in disguise.

I have amazing colleagues that are crazy like me—there has to be something wrong with you to prefer working early mornings.  We have a blast, and I sincerely enjoy serving our wonderful viewers when it comes to talking about accidents, roadblock alters, and street closures.  (Tune in Monday-Friday from 4:30-7a.m.!)

With that being said, I’m more than just a traffic girl.

Many people ask me what got me into this biz I’ve now been in for more than five years.  Well, my #1 passion has always been writing, so that initially got me exploring journalistic career options.  Considering I’ve also always loved public speaking, I sought to pursue becoming a reporter.

Luck and a lot of help was clearly on my side.  I was blessed with amazing mentors who steered me in the right direction and helped get me where I am today.  (I’m from the Bay Area in California.  During college, I landed my first TV news job at San Francisco’s CBS station.  Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television/Radio, I went straight to Yuma as a reporter and anchor.)

Fast forward to the precious present.

After a year writing a daily column for AZFoothills.com (The Arizona Foothills Magazine website), I thought to attempt tackling something I’ve always wanted to do: becoming an entrepreneur.  And so began my 2012 launch of NadineOnTheScene.com.

I consider Nadine on the Scene a boutique, intimate, and personal lifestyle website.  My goal was to create a virtual hub where I could document my thoughts, experiences, and encounters through writing and videos.  Since my interest (and tag line) is all things lifestyle, I divided my site into a number of sections: Style, Health, Travel, Food, People, Love, and On The Scene (including events and my personal blog).

Everything I do is from a personal standpoint.  For example, under the People section, I feature big names and celebrities—but instead of writing their bio easily found on Google, I discuss my experience getting to know the individual.  Under the Style section, I focus on doing fun and fashionable stories related to my “Stingy Stylista” alter ego.  (I’m proud to be a frugal shopaholic.)  Oh, and Phoenix Fashion Week, a NadineOnTheScene.com partner, also aids in offering fashionable 411.  In addition, I track my get-fit-quick pursuits under my Health section by utilizing my personal trainer (David Ashley) for fitness-related expertise.

Scattered amidst my website, you’ll find stories about everything I’ve enjoyed and everything I love.  I documented our Cancun honeymoon; I wrote about being chef for a day at the Four Seasons, I got the chance to feature the fabulous Bret Michaels, and there are plenty of video clips from my April 2012 wedding…including highlights from our Four Weddings TLC episode.  (Yes, I can check reality TV off the list.)  You can also catch me swimming with sharks, chatting with Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and spilling sexy secrets on keeping the spark alive.  (Thank you, Christian Grey, for not making this a taboo subject!)

Of course, I promote and re-cap all the wonderful events I’m involved in, such as hosting fundraisers and helping the Arizona Animal Welfare League find homes for their hundreds of needy dogs.  Which brings me to another section of Nadine on the Scene: Girl’s Best Friend.  Yes, I even have a dog section because I’m now an incredibly psycho dog person.  There, you can find many features starring my beloved four-legged son: Blue Berry Bubeck.  (I even captured his spa day at Scottsdale’s Oh My Dog! on video.)

I am excited to welcome my website’s evolution—I hope for big things in 2013.  Early this year, Nadine on the Scene will be showcased on the SheKnows.com Daily Dish web-TV show, and later this year, I am speaking on behalf of Nadine on the Scene at Arizona’s Amazing Women’s Expo.

Because it’s a fresh start of the new year, I thought it fitting to really push spreading the Nadine on the Scene word.  So, thanks to Brand Consortium PR and ROLFS Salon, I recently celebrated my official website launch.  The party was fantastic, and I appreciate everyone who continues to support my exciting endeavors.  I count my blessings every day Arizona has welcomed me with open arms.  I am proud to call the Valley home.

I am always looking for fabulous partners and catchy content.  I respond to every e-mail and inquiry: nadine@nadinebubeck.com.

I also believe in shameless self-promotion! Please “like” me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter:  Facebook.com/NadineOnTheScene, @NadineBubeck

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at Jan 14, 2013

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