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April 28, 2017
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May 2, 2017
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I like people with purpose.

If you do, today’s #MediaMonday is right up your alley.

It comes from Matt Gottesman, who readers of this blog will remember as Case Kenny’s partner in the Hustle Sold Separately, from this recent post.

So, Matt, what do you want to share with the blogosphere today?

I am driven by purpose, hustle and the journey, both mine and others. I believe there is too much glorification and glamorization of end success, as well as too much pressure on people for what success should actually look like. The truth is, everyone has their own path, and when they are fully aligned with their vision, and are truly putting in the work, then they will impact the world through their creativity, mindset and gumption.

I am the founder and editor-in-chief of hdfmagazine.com, an online publication that features the stories (journeys) of talented people, “creative” entrepreneurs and inspiring/rising growth brands. In short, pretty much anyone who truly demonstrates the hustle. I started HDF almost three years ago after I was reminded of the importance the journey plays on the destination for my own life. What felt like a drastic life change for me during that time, was actually a gift for breaking from the status quo and reinvigorating entrepreneurship from the parts often left out – the real, raw and vulnerable experiences anyone who’s ever achieved anything great has gone through.

We do candid interviews with entrepreneurs, creators and makers from around the world who are not only growing, but are having impact within their industry or niche. Some of them have their own companies, while others have their own personal brands. Either way, they are all game changers and bringing their work to the public globally. These are people who should be celebrated for their dedication to their vision and I developed a platform to do that. Additionally, I felt it was important to also share stories, lessons and experiences I have personally and professionally learned over the past 15+ years, and it has transpired into a highly engaged audience of more than 150,000 social media followers across Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Shortly after I began this journey, I met and teamed up with my business partner, Case Kenny from PRSUIT.com, and our advisors Adam & Matthew Toren, founders of youngentrepreneur.com (acquired by Entrepreneur.com) and their more recent venture, kidpreneurs.org. We all came together as a guiding force to deliver and scale purpose driven content through critical mass distribution, and have since reached upwards of 10.5 million viewers per month across all our digital channels.

On our quest to continue delivering value to our global audiences and expand our reach, Case and I created our podcast, the Hustle Sold Separately, which Case told you about here.

I live and work in Scottsdale, and I’m all about connecting with passionate, purpose driven people around the world who are really hustling to make their dreams come true. I can be reached at matt@mattgottesman.com or info@hdfmagazine.com. If you or someone you know has a great feature for hdfmagazine.com to share with our audience, please let me know. We’re here to continue bringing the world inspiring content from people all over the world.

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