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There are some 700,000 veterans living in Arizona.  A “thank you for your service” is always appropriate, especially on Veteran’s Day.
Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Mark Field, a U.S. Navy veteran himself.  He is the publisher and editor of Arizona Veteran’s Magazine, a new publication dedicated to Arizona residents who have served our country.
This isn’t Field’s first foray into publishing, as he published Sun Tennis Magazine and Sun Golf Magazine back in the 1990s.
So, Mark, time to share!
What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., to a single mother. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. Degree in Economics in 1991 and from Thunderbird School of Global Management in 1995.
I joined the U.S. Navy and served eight years (1981-1989) on submarines. I served on Submarine NR-1 and was part of the crew that recovered the Space Shuttle Challenger for NASA. I also served in a top-secret CIA/NSA intelligence operation on a spy submarine which the mission had to be approved by the President of the United States. I was re-enlisted by Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger for my efforts. (I am working on a Submarine Espionage book/movie about this experience).
I wrote The Courier Air Travel Handbook while a student at the University of Arizona for a creative writing class. The book went on to sell 200,000 copies worldwide and I have been a guest on over 850 TV and radio shows in the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom.
I received an official appointment from then-Arizona Gov. Fife Symington to serve on Governor’s Council on Health, Physical Fitness and Sports (under Andy Dzurinko).
I’ve done a lot of volunteer veterans work including organizing a Homeless Veterans Clothing Drive and a Veterans Job Creation Program.  I spent 15 years as a mortgage banker and work for Wells Fargo.   I do a lot of volunteer work for Wells Fargo giving Financial Education lectures to students and recently to a group of former homeless veterans at The MANA House in Phoenix.
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at Nov 11, 2013

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