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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from FOX 10’s new meteorologist Krystal Ortiz.  Krystal, time to share:

I’m thrilled to be returning to my hometown.  I grew up in Gilbert, went to Highland High School and graduated from ASU with dual degrees in meteorology and broadcast journalism. My first job was at KVIA ABC 7 in El Paso, Texas, where I was the weather anchor for Good Morning El Paso.   I was there for four years before moving to WCAU NBC 10 in Philadelphia, where I worked for six years as the weekend weather anchor.

I am a “weather nerd.” I loved the monsoon as a kid, which is why I originally became interested in studying weather. Thunderstorms were, and still are, my favorite type of weather phenomenon. The thunder and lightning, the structure of the clouds, all of it is so interesting to me! Learning about the atmosphere is fascinating, and I enjoy the challenge of forecasting. From Texas and New Mexico, to Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, and now Arizona, I’ve forecasted all types of weather—each big event making me a stronger meteorologist.

I’ve covered tons of Nor’easters, several tropical storms and hurricanes, and plenty of monsoon storms. But one event stands out in my mind: Covering the remnants of Hurricane Ida. It was the hardest point in my career because it was incredibly challenging to forecast, communicate, and track. It was physically draining because I worked around the clock with my colleagues for several days straight. From warning communities of what was ahead, to tracking the storm as it tore through the Mid-Atlantic, to covering the aftermath, it took an emotion toll, too. Ida caused historic flooding and devastating tornado damage across PA, NJ and DE. It was heartbreaking to see the people of the Delaware Valley experience such loss.   It was also heartwarming to see how the community worked together to rebuild and support each other. The week of Ida reminded me why I do what I do, but also humbled me to the power of Mother Nature.

What did you like best about both El Paso and Philly?

Great question!

El Paso was such a welcoming place. The people there are so kind, and it’s a very tight-knit community. I could be out on a story and someone would offer to bring me lunch or grab me a water. People often don’t realize that El Paso is also a very beautiful place. The Franklin Mountains slice through the city and make for incredible views and hiking.  I made some of my best friends in El Paso and met my husband there. Most of his family still lives there, and we visit regularly.

Philadelphia was an incredibly fun place to live. Center City is full of amazing restaurants, beautiful historic sites, and neat local shops. The Philadelphia community is passionate about their city, and if you joined in on loving Philly—they loved you, too. Experiencing all four seasons (and all the weather each season has to offer) was new to me, and I really enjoyed it. Plus, being an hour drive from the Jersey Shore and only a quick train ride to places like DC, New York, and Boston was very cool, too!

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and our rescue dog, Freckles. After 10 years away from home, I’m excited to spend more time with family and childhood friends, too. I’m a bit of a foodie, so I love trying new restaurants. The Phoenix food scene is great, and I’ve got a list of spots I need to try! I also like to hike when the weather is nice. I look forward to taking trips up to Sedona and Flagstaff this Fall. Finally, I’m a Marvel movie fan—so whenever something new drops, I’m probably watching it.

I really enjoy cooking and cooking shows. I’ve always got Chopped on, and you can often find me baking something or testing a new recipe.

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at Sep 19, 2022

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