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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Arizona Daily Star photojournalist Josh Galemore.  I had the opportunity to meet Josh recently when he was covering a client event in southern Arizona.

Josh, time to share:

I joined the Arizona Daily Star as a staff photographer about seven months ago moving to Tucson in the midst of the hot summer. Prior to moving to the Southwest, I lived in Wyoming where I worked for the Casper Star-Tribune a bit over two years. Before that, I worked for a newspaper in Savannah, Ga., for a couple years as well.

I got into photography while in middle school. My grandfather who had been living with my family while fighting leukemia left a camera in his bedroom closet. Not knowing what to do with it after his death my dad gave it to me (or maybe I stole it?) Originally, I wanted to move to Los Angeles and try to work on film sets but hated the fakeness of it and began pursuing documentary work. While in college I took a newswriting class and fell in love with the idealism of the ethics involved in it. I guess I’ve been chasing authenticity in my life and work since the beginning. I started freelancing for the local paper after that and the rest is more or less history.

There’s not really a typical day when you are working this job. I currently work an early shift most days and photograph anything from general news, features, sports and any spot news that happens in our coverage area. I travel to the border quite a bit to photograph for stories about the current wall construction and immigration issues along the Arizona border.

I don’t really have any pictures that are my favorite. An AP editor told me once to make my next picture my best and that has really stuck with me. That being said, there are moments that have left an impact on me. Covering Hurricane Matthew while in Georgia where I photographed neighbors of mine being evacuated from their flooded homes, taking in the breathtaking views while traveling throughout Wyoming to and from assignments, sitting with asylum seekers in their temporary home in Nogales, watching monsoon clouds roll by at sunset during a high school football game. These are just a few the moments that come to mind. The places I get to go and people I get to meet in this job constantly humbles me.

When I’m not working I try to get outside and hike, trail run or climb. I have a weird habit of going on “drives” which can last days just to see different places. Usually I just drive a bit aimlessly and camp on public land. It’s weird but I’ve been doing it since college as a way to relax and restart.

Here’s where you can find me:  Instagram @jgalemore, Twitter @joshgalemore and Website: joshgalemore.com.


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Scott Hanson
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