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July 2, 2020
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Photo provided by Jessica Parsons

Nearly eight years ago, we published a #MediaMonday profile on Jessica Parsons at a peculiar time in her life. That’s because the profile, available here, talked about her two stints at AZ Family, but at that time she had moved on to publishing.

Well, we thought it was about time to update the story, because in 2015 she made her way back to “her AZ Family” for a third time, and it has proved the sweetest. That’s because her life-long dream was not only to produce the news, but also to report it. And in 2017, she got her wish. Now both a reporter and producer for AZ Family, this month I had the distinct pleasure of profiling Parsons on the cover of So Scottsdale Magazine. Among the highlights:

  • She was so enamored with TV news that she shadowed Dave Munsey for a high school report on her dream job in the 1980s
  • She was the first-ever intern for Good Morning Arizona when it was launched in the 1990s
  • The internship paid a whopping $5/hour
  • It started at 4 a.m. sharp
  • She met her husband at AZ Family
  • The first time she left AZ Family, she did so to work as a reporter in Memphis for a year
  • The second time she left AZ Family, she did so to get into real estate and start a family
  • When she reported on-air her first time in 2017, her dad quipped “nothing like a long-term goal that takes a long term”
  • Her favorite segments are Field Trip Fridays and any showcasing local nonprofits, especially those with a timely call-to-action of how people can get involved

For the full profile, on newsstands now, click here.

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