#MediaMonday – Jerrica Dodd

Today’s Media Monday comes to us from Jerrica Dodd, owner of PharmaSis Magazine, which celebrates women in the pharmacy field.

How did you get your start in the media? What is your story?

After 20 years of life in a pharmacist career that never had my wants and desires as its core, I decided to prioritize myself and build the life I love. In the past four years I have built my business of coaching licensed professional clients on their careers and patients on their health, launched a magazine with international reach, been featured by multiple media outlets and built a life full of memories, relationships, and the experiences I once craved. I decided what I want, and I am relentless about pursuing it! I coach people who are just like me. As a pharmacist, I knew I was made for more, but I was comfortable with the money and status that I had worked for in my career. The thought of personal development and building my life dreams was not even on my radar. As a patient, I was a ball of chronic illness waiting for a place to cause an accident.  This pushed me to prioritize myself and move like my dreams are URGENT!

Tell us about your outlet and types of story pitches you want?

I am the owner and executive editor of PharmaSis Magazine: Celebrating Women in Pharmacy. PharmaSis Magazine was first published in October 2019 to coincide with Women Pharmacist Day and each year celebrates this day with our anniversary edition. PharmaSis exists to support women in pharmacy (pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students) by sharing their stories and to be a media platform that supports their marketing goals.

Where did you grow up? Marietta, Georgia

Favorite type of music? 90’s R&B

Favorite color? Orange

Favorite TV shows or movies? Pretty Woman (Richard Gere, Julia Roberts), Boomerang (Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Berry)

Favorite local restaurants or other haunts? Anything Italian or Mexican that is not a chain restaurant, and  still exploring Greater Phoenix for my favorite unique restaurants.

Three things readers would be surprised to know about you?

  • I had brain surgery six years ago for a rare condition.
  • I lived in Georgia for 36 years of my life and recently moved across the country with my dog to Greater Phoenix just one year ago.
  • I was a Zumba instructor for several years. 

Contact Email: jerrica@drjdodd.net

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at Oct 24, 2022

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