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August 1, 2014
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Jeff EdwardsI love when I have the opportunity to travel around the state and meet different media members. Just recently, I was in Yuma and had the chance to meet some great members of the media including Anna Chaulk from KECY Fox 9/ABC5 and Lou Gum from KAWC!

Today’s #MediaMonday also comes from Yuma. It is Jeff Edwards, operations manager at Eldorado Broadcasters. Jeff is also the co-host of Jeff ‘n Misty Mornings on 95.1 KTTI.

Jeff came to Yuma in 2009 to become an on-air personality and operations manager for El Dorado Broadcasters’ three Yuma-based radio stations, KBLU, KTTI and KQSR.

Jeff was born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City and is a strong supporter of the Chiefs, Royals and Jayhawks! #RockChalkJayhawk. After a brief stint in a small town in Nebraska, Jeff made his way to Tennessee, where he gained on-air experience, as well as news gathering, reporting, programming, commercial scriptwriting and taking out the trash! He settled into a long career in Middle Tennessee and the close proximity to Nashville gave him a strong base for his country music roots. While in Tennessee, he was able to make weekly trips to Nashville during football season to be the host of college football scoreboard shows for Vanderbilt. He also hosted for Oklahoma and spent the most time, 11 seasons, hosting the Penn State Nittany Lion Scoreboard Show.

In his free time Jeff enjoys the occasional game of golf, shooting pool, swimming and (shhhh) shopping!

So, Jeff, time to share!

What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?

I truly feel fortunate to be in radio. It’s something I wanted to do since I was a teenager and am thankful I am still able to realize that dream daily. Getting up to come to work every day would be a lot more difficult if I was doing something I didn’t have a passion for. One can only hope to be able to achieve that and I have.

Jeff and MistyI enjoy being able to work closely with the Yuma community, from emceeing special events to being a part of the audience at so many area happenings. Being a part of the morning show with Misty is the highlight of my day and we try to make it special for those who tune in.

Yuma is a very unique community in that is a small town but has a larger city feel, especially when we welcome our winter visitors back for six months out of the year. This is a very diverse community and is very unique in its close proximity to California and Mexico. The relatively short drives to San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Tucson and Las Vegas make us a terrific centrally located area.

I hope to be able to work in this community for a long time to come. Although I had terrific experiences in all parts of the country

I’ve worked, I wish I had come to Arizona earlier in my life. This is a great state with outstanding people. I’m privileged to be here.

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
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