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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Gabe Trujillo, a digital journalist at KPNX-TV, 12 News in Phoenix. Gabe covers the Valley community on the 12 News social accounts, website and app. He also produces and hosts "The Disabled List," a podcast that features interviews with influencers from across Arizona and the world of pop culture.

Gabe, time to share:

For three years, I’ve worked with the 12 News team to build our digital presence on our website and on social media. Along with producing stories for our online properties, one of the recent properties I’ve worked on this year was the launch of our new podcast, “The Disabled List.”

I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking is “Why is this podcast called ‘The Disabled List’?" Well, that answer is two parts.

First, I am a person with a disability. My story as a quadriplegic begins in September of 1997 after a severe asthma attack left me paralyzed from the neck down. To learn more about my experiences of life in a wheelchair, be sure to listen throughout the season.

Second, I am a lover of lists and sports puns. Each episode, I ask a guest to help create a top-five ranking on a topic in their area of expertise or knowledge.

This podcast was created to showcase some of the incredible people who call Arizona home. We’re looking for people with interesting stories to tell and who provide unique insight into Arizona. So far, some of the great guests I’ve chatted with include Luis Gonzalez, Shane Doan and 12 News Anchor Mark Curtis.

I initially became interested in journalism after writing a short story about my experience in the hospital. Also, a couple visits by Mark Curtis while I was in the hospital helped ignite my passion for writing. When I graduated from high school, I pursued a degree in journalism from ASU.

I am a Phoenix native and 2006 graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU. I joined 12 News in 2015 after working in the online marketing industry for seven years with Digital Air Strike and Pinnacle Education. I later earned a Masters of Advanced Study in American Media and Popular Culture from ASU in 2012.

In the spirit of The Disabled List, here is my top five list for best perks about being a journalist.

  1. Every day is different: When I go to work, each day is filled with new stories to tell. No day is the same and that’s a big reason why journalism is so interesting.
  2. You get to meet so many interesting people: While you get to tell so many stories, you also get to meet incredible people from so many walks of life.
  3. Media Convergence: With online media, we get to use a wide variety of mediums to tell a story. From video to social media, each property has its own distinct advantage for storytelling.
  4. Wide range of ideas: As a digital content producer, we get to cover several events that showcase the state. Being able to attend these events in person give us a unique perspective into our ability to share these stories.
  5. Social media: The rise of social media has given journalists a unique tool for news gathering. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great sources for interacting with people and finding interesting stories that resonate with our community.

When I’m away from the newsroom, I enjoy volunteering with local organizations. I am a board member of Arizona Disabled Sports and one of the founders of Patient and Family Alumni Leadership, a fundraising group for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I’m an avid fan of Arizona sports and play power soccer, an adaptive sport for people with disabilities.

Some other interesting facts about me include my love for comics, the Arizona Cardinals and movies. I’ve also had several interesting encounters with celebrities including an apple core and Bill Murray at the Phoenix Open. But that’s a whole other article.

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