#MediaMonday – Eve Conant

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Newsweek’s Eve Conant.
So, Eve, time to share!
What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
First of all, whoever is reading this can be certain that I am currently missing Arizona terribly. I’m based in Washington, D.C., but have covered Arizona regularly over the past few years for Newsweek and now the Daily Beast (the two companies have merged).
I’ve covered immigration, drug trafficking, border issues and gun control issues in the state, and have spent time with the Phoenix police, other law enforcement agencies and countless wonderful Arizonans in the course of my work. Arizona is an endlessly fascinating place for reporting, and I hope to come back for as many trips as possible in the coming years. (I hail originally from Oakland, Calif., but have been visiting Arizona since the mid-‘80s).
I’ve been a national correspondent for Newsweek based in D.C. since 2007, covering politics and social issues, as well as immigration and crime. I primarily write features, but also cover breaking news as well when needed (which is often these days).
I’ve spent much of my reporting career overseas. Shortly after graduating from college in 1993 I moved to Moscow, Russia. I worked as a local hire on the assignment desk for NBC News, then worked for a small company called Feature Story News that prepared TV and radio spots for the (back in those olden times) new and emerging Fox News Channel, as well as NPR, Marketplace and other radio stations. I moved on to Voice of America Radio, covering the Balkans and –to some degree—the Middle East, before joining Newsweek as a “super-stringer” in 2000, covering the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan before eventually joining Newsweek as a staff writer in D.C. I’ve also worked on a book, published by Crown Books, called “Faith Under Fire.” It chronicles the life of Roger Benimoff, an Army chaplain who struggled with PTSD during his time in Iraq and later at Walter Reed hospital in D.C.
But my heart is in Arizona. I’m always happy to get story ideas or reporting tips related to the state, whether the subject is business, immigration, or just a small feature (on any Arizona subject) that tells a story the rest of the country might want to hear.

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at Feb 14, 2011

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