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I first met Erin Thorburn as a freelancer for AZ Big Media, a position she still holds.

But, in addition to that, Erin is also a children’s book author!

Wanted to share a little more on her today, as well as all the details on her books.

Erin, tell us first about your role at AZ Big Media, and any other outlets for which you write these days?

I’ve been with AZ Big Media for more than three years as a contributing writer, providing content for all nine magazines and web material. I also write for Rox Media and have an ongoing monthly entertaining piece with Tribune News Services. For more than three years, I’ve also been a full-time staff writer for Farotech, a phenomenal digital-media company near Philly.

And how did you get into writing children’s books? What’s the back story?

Children’s books are in my DNA. My mom was a writer and inspired me to write at a young age. After earning a degree with an emphasis in creative writing, I really became serious about children’s book writing in the early 2000s. My first book, “Stick to it Chick,” (currently undergoing a second-edition makeover) was published in 2015. I am inspired by industry greats like James Marshall and Sandra Boynton, and contemporaries like Mo Willems and Laura Numeroff. I love children’s books that offer subtle messaging, but allow just the right amount of silliness and fun!

Tell us about the new book!

"Scaredy Cat" is the second book in the Sassafras Ranch series. Like all the characters on the Sassafras Ranch, Scaredy Cat has a few quirky and unique character traits. While he battles with his inner fearful feline, those around the ranch/farm try to figure out their roles—are they supposed to fix him? Accept him? Change him? The tagline of the Sassafras Ranch series is, “What makes you weird is also what makes you wonderful. ”Sometimes, we don’t need to change a thing about our kookiness. In fact, it can even be celebrated—by ourselves and others.

How can we get it?

Amazon! And I’ve been told several bookstores can order copies too!

How can we pitch you?

I’m always looking for entertaining sources—party planning experts, restaurants, chefs to offer unique ideas for home entertaining (can be nationwide). I would also love any pitches relating to local family and children-oriented events, venues and establishments. Email me at

Tell us about some of your favorite things in Arizona? Places, Venues, Dining, et al?

I am obsessed with the Hermosa Inn and Lon’s (the in-house restaurant). For family staycations—The Princess, the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass, and the Briar Patch Inn in Sedona. My favorite writing spots: LGO and Changing Hands Bookstore. My favorite nerd obsession is Phoenix Comicon (now Phoenix FanFest, I think).


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