#MediaMonday – Emmy Edition

Congratulations are in order to several of our broadcast colleagues this morning, as the nominees for the 2013 Rocky Mountain Emmys have been announced. With the actual honorees set to be awarded on Saturday, Oct. 19 at the University of Phoenix Stadium during the annual Emmy Gala, we wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our media friends and their stations for their excellence. So, here goes!

3TV Arizona’s Family is up for nearly a dozen Emmys, including honors for reporters Marie Saavedra, Jared Dillingham and Gary Harper; writers/producers Jason Bannecker,  Mark Sheridan, Stefanie Neal, Ryan O’Connell, Bill Ottinger, Vique Rojas, Shane Sisson, Warren Trent, Sybil  Hoffman , Todd Martin and Jesus Gallegos; and anchors April Warnecke, Fields Moseley, Carey Pena, Royal Norman and Brittney Shipp.

CBS 5 is also up for nearly a dozen, including honors for reporters Donna Rossi, Greg Argos, Jadiann Thompson, Jason Barry, Tammy Leitner, Joe Pequeno; producers Edward Ayala, Gilbert Zermeno, Bonnie Loftus; anchors Paul Horton and Sean McLaughlin; and editors Michael Harris and Robert Mc Jannet.

FOX 10 is similarly up for about a dozen, including honors for producers Claudio Del Valle, Mark Hagerty, Jennifer Fryer, Chris Noah; reporters Syleste Knudson, Troy Hayden and Richard Saenz; editors/photographers Michael Robison, Jake Frahm and Jose Roberto Grassi; and  anchor John Hook.

12 News is up for nearly 40 Emmys, including honors for producers/writers Stacey  Roberts,Matt Johnson, Peter Gomez, Bryan West, Paula Cuadrado, Victor Fiorello, Kacie  Talamante, Lisa Burris, Matt Wendt, Lauren Peikoff, Amy Schnell, Charlie Huebsch, Brian Bluvas, Amy Schnell, Heather Gray; reporters/journalists Chris Williams, Chris Hrapsky, Jaclyn Schultz,  Wendy  Halloran, William Pitts, Kim Covington, Oralia Ortega, Kevin Kennedy, Hailey Frances and Trisha Hendricks; photojournalists/photographers/editors Michael J Brannock, Daniel Clark, Jeff Blackburn, Chad Bricks, Michael Chow, Peter  Kertz, Pat Shannahan and Rob Carlmark; anchors Fay Fredricks, mark Curtis Scott Light and Tram Mai; and news director Mark Casey.

ABC 15 is up for 30 Emmys, including honors for hosts Terri Ouellette and Susan  Casper-Smith; chief meterologist Amber Choe; producers Jamie Ioos, Maria Tomasch, Luke Garrison,

Alison Green, Mark  LaMet, Kimberly Kapilovic, Margo Papke, Lauren Gilger, Joe  Ducey,  Lori Jane  Gliha, Christopher Sign, Adam Slinger and David  Biscobing; producers/editors/writers Jose Ochoa, Noelle Kearns, Steve Kuzj, Sean Sinerius, Sean Sinerius, Sean Guillory, Noelle Kearns, Linda Bayley; and news directors Pat Costello and Dan Wilson.

In addition, our sports team and stations are up for several honors including the folks from the Phoenix Suns, Fox Sports Arizona and Arizona Cardinals. And, both Spanish stations in the Valley – Univision and Telemudo – are also up for awards.

For a full list of this year’s nominees, please click here.

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at Oct 7, 2013

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