#MediaMonday- Emma Lutjen

Happy #MediaMonday! This week’s post comes from our Public Relations Global Network partner,  Bianchi Public Relations in Detroit. The agency recently caught up with Emma Lutjen, an associate editor at EE World Online, in its Meet the Media series.

What elements or characteristics do you look for in a story?

I’m lucky enough that pretty much all the stories I’ve written thus far have fallen into my lap, but what gets me excited about a story is carving out the narrative. How do I make people see what I see as important here? How do I write it so they follow along without getting bored? There’s a way to write every story so it accomplishes both.

How long have you been in journalism and how did you get started?

I come from a creative writing background; I’m great at writing and editing, but before I took my job at Microwave Journal journalism hadn’t crossed my mind since working with my high school newspaper. I sort of stumbled upon using my editorial skills within the engineering industry with that job, and from there realized my position and skills enabled me to be a journalist and tell real stories.

What advice do you have for PR people who want to pitch you?

Use people. I might be in engineering, but that’s not my background; how a product or achievement relates to people is much more interesting to me than the product or achievement itself.

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at Apr 22, 2024

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