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Today’s Media Monday comes to us from the national’s capital.  Dr. Gloria Crosslin, who grew up in Arizona, hosts “Life Stories with Dr. Gloria Crosslin,” which airs on FOX5 Plus in Washington, D.C., and on the Global Television Network in India.  The objective of the program is to promote understanding and teaching viewers ways of making life better through “Life Stories.”  Gloria studied at Maricopa County Community Colleges and graduated from Phoenix College with a degree in general studies. She researched at Arizona State University and graduated from the University of Phoenix while living and working in Washington.

Imagine we’re on the set of “Life Stories:”

HOST: Gloria, time to share, please tell us how you got into broadcasting, or how you came upon “Life Stories.”

GUEST:  Thanks for the opportunity to share my Life Story. I promise to give you all that I can to help people come to understand the importance of sharing their life story.

So first, I will share mine.

I am from Arizona and when I was a little girl, I used to play with microphones. Now fast forward to my adult years, I moved to Washington to work.

I inadvertently became a TV host in Washington because I was searching for a way to share my mom’s life story. I wasn’t focused on myself, but certain friends would encourage me along the way to share my life story as well as my mom’s life story. So, I reached out to Fox 5 Plus six months ago and they picked up my life story on their TV affiliate network GTV. My Life Stories’ segments air to 6.2 million households in the D.C. and surrounding areas as well as a few channels in India.

HOST: Tell us a little bit more about or a brief description of what “Life Stories” is and what you’ve learned.

GUEST: Sure, so my doctorate degree is in Health Administration which aligns perfectly with the concept of helping others and through “Life Stories” we are all history experts on our own life stories and we understand that we live each day and have life stories to share.

The purpose of this show is to give everyone the platform in which to share. Each segment will leave the viewer satiating for more about how to access help for their own lives and they in turn can share their talents, skills and treasures with others. You have purpose, I have purpose. We all have purpose.

So, to answer your question, “Life Stories” is about passion. We want life stories that inspire and give hope. Real truths about why an individual would contribute so much to the community that motivates and uplifts lives. We want to hear life stories that give hope.

HOST: What is your most memorable segment, or maybe your top three guests of all-time.

GUEST: My most memorable segments and the top three guests of all-time are my best friends.  They are: the illustrious Dr. Jacqueline Eaves, who has published several books with her husband, Dr. John Eaves. Without an introduction, the amazing Dr. Dennis Humphrey, who is also an associate professor and too many other accolades to mention, and finally, Dr. Bishop Leonard Lacey, who gives his talents, treasures and skills to our community that helps to impact our world in a positive light. They have been my guests. Oh, and Dr. Joan Cephas, a psychologist and girlfriend.

HOST: Tell us about our book.

GUEST: Sure, I have also written a book, “Crossing Over on the Shoulders of Giants,” about my mom’s non-violent fight in the 1960s for equal employment opportunities.  She was the first African American to file and win her civil rights case which is a landmark Supreme Court decision that sets precedence over employment discrimination law.

“Erlene Crosslin v Mountain Bell” is studied in law schools and my mom’s published brief can be found on the Cornell Law Library website for easy reading. My mom’s civil rights legacy was celebrated during Black History Month at the America West Arena with over 15,000 attendees and Stevie Wonder performed and the late Rosa Parks also received the Martin Luther King Jr Lifetime award the same as my mom.

The book, when published, is an easy read even for the youngest reader.

HOST: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

GUEST: Wow, mostly I like to truly relax when I’m not working on “Life Stories” or just watch TV. There’s a lot to do as I am not really working a full-time job that requires me to punch a time clock, so I will just be real and make you laugh… I usually spend my day as a dog whisperer to a very independent Chihuahua, that really doesn’t understand why TV isn’t more exciting. Let me explain: my dog watches TV most all day as many other dogs do. Lol He is a star so to speak (his role has been sort of a rescuer)…that’s why I’m his voice…we help each other

HOST: Anything else you’d care to share?

GUEST: Sure, as I think about” Life Stories,” it helps me to go on everyday looking for that spectacular life story that will help people and if my life story or someone else’s life story helps just one person, it’s worth the journey for me to live each day and for you to live each day, and for all of us to share our life experiences as we lived it and are living life every day. Each day we live is a testament to our own life story.

HOST: Are you on any social media?

GUEST: Yes, absolutely. As a boomer, I personally prefer TV, but YouTube is just another way. So, my site is Life Stories with Dr. Crosslin and I’m on Facebook.   Thanks so much for asking and allowing me to share my life story with you today.

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Scott Hanson
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