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Dave ZornThis is the time of year when many of us try to escape the scorching desert heat and retreat to cooler climates.

That’s where today’s #MediaMonday comes from – northern Arizona.  Dave Zorn is the news director at Great Circle Media, which includes KAFF Country (KAFF-FM),  93.9 The Mountain (KMGN-FM ), Magic 99.1, (KTMG-FM)  Hits 106 (KFSZ-FM ), Flagstaff Country 93-5 (KAFF-AM ) and Fun Oldies (KNOT-AM/FM).  The stations can be heard in Flagstaff, Prescott and the surrounding area.

Dave, time to share:

Well, I’m a one-man newsroom for six stations in our radio group.  It may seem daunting to some, but it’s a lot of fun putting all the pieces together every day.  I’m in at 4:30 a.m. and put together newscasts for all of our stations in the morning, then afternoon newscasts for 92.9 KAFF Country and Flagstaff Country 93.5/AM 930.  I also post stories on our station’s websites, follow breaking news for Northern Arizona at all times.  I’m also a small part of the NAU Lumberjacks Radio Network as the halftime show host during the football and basketball seasons.  I love every aspect of my job.

How did you get into broadcasting/news?

Literally by accident.  I was a year out of high school and my family moved to Holbrook, Ariz., and I was working at Burger King there while going to college.  One of my co-workers who worked at the local radio station, KDJI, asked if I would go with him to Springerville to help him call a basketball game.  I said yes, we did the game and I started working at KDJI soon after.  I learned delivering news, commercials, producing, etc.  The experience of that was invaluable.  From there I went on to graduate from NAU’s School of Communication, then onto Metro Networks at their “Metro Source News” wire service for 18 years.  The product is known as “24/7 News.”  I found myself in a professional rutt and wanted a chance of scenery so I decided to move back to Flagstaff and take the position I’m in now.  I’m glad I did, it has rekindled my love for radio.

What are the top stories you’ve covered?

In a year, you would think there hasn’t been much here to cover, but it’s been busy.  The top, unfortunately the death of Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart.  To see this community come together in tragedy was amazing.  Second, the NAU men’s basketball team’s run to the CIT Championship game.  The way Flagstaff was energized by their run, you would think they were in the NCAA Tournament.  Finally, the 4.7 earthquake that jolted me out of bed back last November.  That was a first for me.

Any interesting facts about yourself?

Many people think I got into the business because my father is a radio veteran, after many years at KTAR in Phoenix and KNX in Los Angeles.  However, I did truly stumble into this life and it’s been a ride ever since.  He has given me a lot of great advice and feedback over the years which has helped shape my career and for that I am forever thankful. I’m also thankful for my wife Nicole and my son Ethan, since they had to adjust to coming to Flagstaff.  Both haven’t minded much.

How can we keep track of you?

You can follow KAFF News on Twitter and like us on Facebook, in addition to listening on the radio.

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at Jun 22, 2015

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