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Christian BrabecToday’s #MediaMonday comes to us from…a newlywed!

More specifically, Christian Brabec.

For those in food and beverage public relations, the name will be familiar as he and his wife, Ashley, run the new (and quickly growing due to their killer photography and lighting skills) page Eat.The.Plate.

Fun fact – by day, Christian is actually a successful marketing executive at one of the biggest Arizona-based restaurant groups (hint – it’s Chinese) and Ashley works as a nutritionist at a local hospital.

But, I don’t want to spoil their story…

What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?

Hello all! My name is Christian and I created Eat.The.Plate. The site is my attempt to convince the world that food can be so much more than just nourishment for your body. I share my perspective on how interesting and meaningful the culinary world can be if you take the time to understand and appreciate it.

My story begins in Seattle, where I was born. Some of my first memories in life are of restaurants and food in Washington. A half-dozen piping hot donuts from the Pike Place Market, dim sum from our neighborhood Chinese restaurant, or gigantic cinnamon rolls swimming in frosting from the local café. These are all experiences that stuck in my mind and began to develop my interest in food at a young age.

Though born in Seattle, I grew up in Nebraska, where my parents loved to cook for family and friends alike. The house where I spent most of my adolescent years had a wood-fired pizza oven in the backyard. Inviting everyone over for pizza parties, where each person could craft their own unique pie using the 20-30 various toppings available, was always a great time. My mom and dad would stay busy the entire night – mom helping each person layer on their pizza’s ingredients in the proper order and dad manning the helm of the wood-fired oven.

My wife, Ashley, and I moved to the valley just over 16 months ago. Being that we both enjoy a delicious meal, we decided our strategy for getting to know the city would be to eat at as many new restaurants as possible. Along the way I began to take pictures of the food and share the stories of restaurants where we dined at on my personal social media pages. Having a plethora of content to share after only a few months, I decided to start a food specific account titled “Eat The Plate”.

The Phoenix restaurant/foodie scene has been incredibly hospitable during my short time in the valley. The city is undergoing incredibly culinary growth right now, and I hope to do my part in documenting and sharing this transformation for everyone to see.

You can reach me directly via email at eattheplateblog@gmail.com.

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