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Document1In my book, anyone who takes me out for Thai food is good people.

That makes Chris Gilfillan, who did just that a little over a year ago to talk all things “law and media,” very good people.

As editor of the Record Reporter, Chris’ focus is to connect lawyers to general counsel and judges across Arizona. The Record Reporter also highlights the great work Arizona judges and general counsel do by profiling them on our front page, so our readers get an insiders’ perspective on what is trending in the legal business field.

But, enough law talk – time to hand today’s post off to Chris.

Chris, what do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?

Like Alison said, at The Record Reporter, we locate talented lawyers across the state, and have them share their ideas about recent cases or precedent.  In turn, that gives our audience — judges, general counsel and law firms — enhanced knowledge about recent decisions that they can use for targeted, direct business development with local decision makers.

Along with that, we report on local law firm business news, litigation, corporate transactions, real estate deals and new regulations.

My interest in The Record Reporter really comes out of an interest in building communities.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I became the managing editor of my hometown’s newspaper in Newton, N.C. There, we redesigned and retooled Catawba County’s oldest paper to look more modern and also to take advantage of our beat structure with limited staff.

Following the more “John Grisham” approach to law school, I then went to Mississippi College School of Law. Naturally, I took a clerkship with a lawyer in Florence, Miss., and I helped him represent the oil and gas interests of families across the Mississippi Delta.

Following law school, I advocated for voting rights, voter registration and college organizing at the campuses of Arizona State and Duke universities, setting aside the familiar school rivalry for a cause bigger than myself. Now I am trying to take that same organic focus and build a community of lawyers, judges and general counsel with The Record Reporter.

When I’m not working, I’m usually found running and biking on North Mountain, and I’m eyeing a triathlon sometime later this year or early next.

Of course, if you have an idea that you think will fit in the paper, please contact me at or (602) 417-9911. We have special law firm subscription rates that apply as well, if interested.

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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