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Chelsea Young head shot (2)I am nothing if not an “over sharer.”

Thank goodness, one member of the media who is always willing to let me bend her ear is none other than one of my favorite happy hour buddies, So Scottsdale! editor-in-chief Chelsea Young.

Today, we turn the tables on her though, asking her to bend your ears with her great story.

So, Chelsea, time to share!

What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?

I like to say I live in the world of words – and since a very young age, I always have. Currently, I’m the editor-in-chief of So Scottsdale! Magazine, where I manage our monthly publication, a great team of writers and photographers (I’m always on the hunt for more – email me if interested or you know a great candidate!), and do lots of writing and even more editing. Our November issue will mark a full calendar year of magazines I’ve produced there; the journey has been life-changing and exhilarating! Prior, I was with AAA Arizona Highroads, and before that, at Where Phoenix+Scottsdale, Where Denver and Where Tucson, which all operate out of Scottsdale.


I am a creative writer at heart. Originally from Dallas, I studied journalism at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) and then stayed there to get my master’s degree in professional writing, which is, essentially, creative writing. In that program I dove into long-form fiction, writing two (and a half) novels and a screenplay. Yes, they are still sitting on my computer unpublished, but maybe one day you’ll see them in bookstores and on the big screen.


And that’s because when I’m not working on the magazine, trying a new restaurant, hitting the gym or at a fun event, I’m working on publishing something else – a children’s picture book! The book seeks to remind children they’re cherished and acknowledge moms and mother figures for who they are. Keep your eye out, as it’s set to launch mid-March 2017, just a bit before Mother’s Day. I’d love for you to follow my journey on Instagram, Facebook, or over on my personal website as the time gets closer and I reveal more details about the book. Soon, I’ll be doing a Kickstarter for the book that I’ll be sharing on social media, so that will be another way to follow along.


While I don’t have kids, I do have a heart for them, which is evident in my book (the first in a whole series) and also a fun fact most people don’t know about me: I created a community project where I visited children at places like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Cardon Children’s, HonorHealth and Sunshine Acres Children’s Home – dressed as Elsa. Yes, from the movie Frozen. The project is called Love, Elsa and it exists to bring love, joy and a sense of magic to kids.


After my charitable appearances, I also began doing birthday parties as Elsa, including stops at Lifetime Fitness, a bowling alley and even In-N-Out! With my upcoming book, you may just see a bit more of Elsa as I promote it, as well as appearances at upcoming events. If you want to create some magic at a birthday celebration, feel free to reach out. Another fun fact: I make snow. No, really, I do. But I can’t share my secret!


As far as So Scottsdale! goes, I’m always looking for people who live and/or work in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley who have interesting and inspiring stories to share, as well as other ideas spanning culture, events, fun things to do, food, beverage, art, beauty and fashion. A major need I have is finding unique, high-end, luxury items or experiences I can spotlight. You can email me at chelsea@richmanmediagroup.com for all things So Scottsdale!


I’m an avid traveler; I’ve traveled to 15 countries, with my favorites being Italy (I studied abroad in Florence), Iceland, Jordan and Croatia. Travel is one of my favorite topics to write about – in fact, my novels all have a theme of travel – as are all things culinary. For any interest or inquiries into my book or other writing ventures, you can reach me at chelsea@chelseayoung.com.


One last thing, I suppose I do sort of have a child – my one-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ollie. If you’re so inclined, you can follow his journey on Instagram at @cashmerepup.


Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and I look forward to connecting with you!


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at Oct 10, 2016

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