#MediaMonday – Cathy Davila

Cathy DavilaThe Dog Days of Summer haven’t completely passed.

Today’s #MediaMonday is from the publisher and editor of Lambeau’s, Hildy’s and Jeter’s favorite magazine, The Phoenix Dog.  Cathy Davila established the free, bi-monthly publication just a few months ago as a forum dedicated to celebrate our pet relationships and connect the Valley’s canine community.   It’s a place to read about entertaining, local dog and pet stories.

Cathy, time to share:

I have always had a special connection with animals, dogs in particular.   When my 30-year career in the medical world ended last year, I jumped at the chance to combine my passions, helping people and animals.   I licensed the format from The Prescott Dog magazine and created the Phoenix Dog, adapted for the Valley of the Sun.  It is an honor to bring forth stories of the amazing work our animal non-profit groups do, work that benefits both humans and pets.  There is a high level of dog-lover activity in the Phoenix area, and the Phoenix Dog is a much-needed central hub to find fun, social or pet-health related activities.

Publishing, while a new career, feels like home.  I’m very fortunate to have experts surrounding me to help climb the steep learning curve!  It’s also extremely rewarding to further develop my writing, marketing and advertising skills and be a part of the professional pet community.  I couldn’t ask for a better second career!

All dogs are amazing, but working dogs are special in my life.  While used in our military and police forces, most of these working dogs are herding breeds at their core.  My Boxer-Rottweiler mix is my herding dog, protection dog, take-anywhere dog and best buddy.   I expect a Border Collie is in my future, and the Belgian Malinois is high on the list is too!  Any dog who is able to comfort an abused child, make the world accessible for someone with disabilities, or wake up their veteran-owner when the nightmares start is on my favorites list too!

When not working, I keep busy at home enjoying my quarter horse, burro and three dogs.  Horseback riding, hiking, camping and gardening are favorite outdoor activities.  Sheepherding is my favorite dog sport to participate in.  Relaxed evenings with great friends, fine food and wine fill many beautiful desert nights.   Volunteering with multiple different groups fill some weekends, and looking forward, there are lots more canine-related events in my off-time!   Traveling is another favorite, whether domestic or abroad, it is enriching to experience the day-to-day living of other cultures.

Keep up on canine events and see the magazine at www.phoenixdog.net, and Facebook.com/phoenixdogmagazine. Advertise your business to reach our great demographic and help the Phoenix Dog support the local animal non-profits and pet community.


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at Sep 26, 2016

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