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It’s time for another #MediaMonday feature! In this post, we are sharing from Public Relations Global Network partner agency, Fearey in Seattle. Fearey recently featured Cameron Martinez, a reporter from Anacortes American, in their Meet the Media series. Check out a sampling of the responses from Cameron below.

When did you first become interested in writing and journalism?

[It] began in college when I discovered the compelling power of storytelling and the impact of journalism through my classes. In early 2020, I interviewed a mascot from my mom’s company, and this experience fueled my passion for journalism. I realized I truly enjoyed learning people’s stories and putting them into words.  

What has been your favorite story that you have covered while at Anacortes American?

Picking a favorite among the stories I’ve covered at Anacortes American is tough, but one that stands out is the exploration of Anacortes’ murals. This assignment took me beyond the surface beauty of the artwork, unraveling the rich history woven into each mural. From life-size depictions of community members to the varied tales associated with different buildings, it was a journey that not only showcased the artistic talent behind the murals but also highlighted the deep connections they forged with the town’s heritage. Discovering the stories behind the murals and their significance to the community made this experience particularly memorable and rewarding. 

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in journalism, what advice would you offer based on your own experiences?

Drawing from my own experiences, I would recommend exploring educational opportunities that provide a strong foundation in journalism. Personally, attending Western Washington University, which boasts a robust journalism program and publications like The Front (our newspaper), greatly shaped my journey. 

Whether in college or high school, if you have access to such programs, seize the opportunity. Engaging with student publications and journalism-related activities allows you to gain hands-on experience and build a portfolio of work. Don’t hesitate to reach out to journalism professors or professionals for guidance, especially if you’re in the Washington area. The journalism community tends to be welcoming, and seeking advice from those who share a passion for the field can be incredibly valuable. 

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at Jan 22, 2024

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