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Briana Whitney created and hosts True Crime Arizona for AZ Family, which consists of a podcast, TV specials, documentaries, and case investigations.

How did you get your start in the media? What is your story?

I’ve always been outgoing, and when I was 16 years old, I became an emcee for Radio Disney, hosting live community events and shows around Northern California. It was so much fun and my first experience on a microphone in front of a crowd. I immediately knew I wanted to major in broadcast journalism and went on to study that at Cal Poly SLO and do seven different news internships. I reported in Corpus Christi for my first television market for three years, and was lucky to come to Phoenix for a reporting job at Arizona’s Family in 2018. Growing up, I would always watch Diane Sawyer’s in-depth interviews on crime cases for 20/20 and wanted to do that too.  At the end of 2019, I created the True Crime Arizona brand, and the next year we launched the podcast to go with it.

Tell us about your new beat?

For the past three years, I’ve been working to grow the True Crime Arizona franchise, while still being a general assignment reporter turning daily stories for our nighttime newscasts. It’s been a lot to keep up with. We grew from turning stories on true crime cases that were five minutes long in a newscast, to producing hour-long documentaries, and focusing on different seasons on the podcast. The brand has seen such a growth in viewership and listenership, that I was promoted to being a full-time true crime reporter! In this role, I will still be on our newscasts at night providing analysis and expertise on Arizona’s, and the nation’s, biggest true crime cases, while still focusing on long-form television and podcast projects. We are also working on eventually launching a live YouTube show where I can interact with true crime fans and viewers about the top cases each week. I’m so excited to get to focus my work on what I’m most passionate about!

Where did you grow up?

Granite Bay, which is just outside of Sacramento.

Favorite color?

Used to be pink growing up, but now I really like neutrals.

Favorite TV shows or movies?

For television, Ted Lasso, Schitt’s Creek, Only Murders in the Building, any true crime documentary or docuseries (I watch them all!). When ti comes to movies, Spotlight, The Parent Trap, The Blindside, The Grinch, and The Devil Wears Prada are all faves.

Favorite local restaurants or other haunts?

I love Olive & Ivy, Francine, El Chorro, The Henry, Diego Pops, Palma, Flower Child, Fourtillfour, Schmooze, Provision, Berdena’s, and Press. Also my favorite local dive bar is Rusty Spur Saloon. Yeehaw!

Three things readers would be surprised to know about you?

I was a competitive tap dancer until I went to college.

I am obsessed with ranch dressing, and at work we have a designated cup in the break room refrigerator to store extra ranch for me!

I know all the words by heart to Eminem’s “Just Lose It” and it’s my go-to karaoke song. You can catch that rap performance live at Grapevine in Scottsdale…occasionally 😉

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at Jul 10, 2023

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