#MediaMonday: Brenna Goth

#MediaMonday - Brenna GothI began pitching to Brenna while she was reporting for AZ Central. We were just starting to familiarize ourselves with one another when she emailed me to let me know that she had just taken a new position at Bloomberg BNA as its Southwest correspondent. Even though she was transitioning, she asked me to keep me up to date with a few of our clients and we remain email pals to this day.
I thought this shift in jobs was worth a #MediaMonday and so did Brenna!
So Brenna, what would you like to share with us today?
I fell into journalism when I applied to the school newspaper at the University of Arizona with zero reporting experience (Bear Down!). It took two tries, but they hired me, and I’ve been writing ever since.
I’m an Arizona native with a lot of home state pride. It’s what drives me to keep a careful eye on people with power and how their decisions impact our communities.
That’s included looking at environmental issues, the U.S.-Mexico border and urban development. I’ve more recently been diving into legislation and regulations throughout the southwest.
And I’m starting to see Arizona in a new light since working for a national outlet. It really requires looking beyond what’s happening here to see how our news relates to the rest of the country.
I spend a lot of time in downtown Phoenix writing, drinking coffee and hanging out. If you see someone riding a bicycle and wearing a watermelon helmet, that’s probably me!
And I still make time for my one lifelong hobby: playing the viola. I went to a performing arts school for most of my youth but now just rehearse every week with a community orchestra. You can catch our concerts a couple times a year!
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at Nov 13, 2017

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