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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Becky Lynn.
So, Becky, time to share!
What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
Most people know me as part of the Tim and Willy Show on KMLE, and KNIX, and most recently, KMLE again. For many years, I brought listeners the News, Viva Nash Vegas (Nashville Scoop), Around the Valley (weekend calendar) and a dose of southern opinion and life. But last September, I left T&W for something new. I do voiceover from my home studio for radio and television stations across the country…promos, PSA, imaging and spots. I also do voiceover and on-camera work for other commercial clients.
You may have heard me doing news middays on 92.3 KTAR last week. I just came on board there, as a fill in news anchor. I have loved meeting new people and seeing old friends there! I’m also doing some fill in at Metro Traffic and would like to do more television. I am enjoying the variety in my life these days! What many people don’t know, is that I would LOVE to be a voice actor for animation…yes, a cartoon voice! Maybe a quirky voice on “Spongebob Squarepants”, or a character in a Disney or Pixar movie, Just looking for that big opportunity, so if you know anyone…..
And …..
*I am an only child
*So is my husband, Bill (who is on the Rocky Mountain Emmy board with HMA’s Alison!).
* Just before Bill and I started dating, I began teaching myself to play the banjo. But, I gave it up for love.
*I can tap dance pretty well.
*I not only love country music but I love big band/swing music and rock music.
*When I was a tweenager I had a humongous crush on Donny Osmond (he’s mine, Abbie) and had a pair of purple socks just like he wore every single day.
*Lynn is my middle name.
*I am from a very small TN town called Madisonville. Our daughter’s name is Madison. We didn’t really mean to name her after the town, it was an accident.
*Nor was our son Luke named after the Star Wars character, but it still raises paternity questions (Looooke, I am your father).
*While I love being from the South, I do not like the humidity there. While it’s molten hot in the valley in the summer, at least I have good hair days!

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at Mar 14, 2011

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