#MediaMonday – Ali Dugaw

Back in 2018, we profiled one of my real-life besties here on the blog for her work at AZ Family. All these years later, she is still in the media, but in a whole new way. That means we need to do an update!

Ali, tell us about your work in the media today?

Since 2011, after I discovered my intolerance to gluten, I’ve been working in the food and travel space as Gluten Free Travel Girl, which is a combination media outlet and social media channel for those who love all things travel, but also those who are looking for the best in gluten-free everything while doing so. Beyond this, I also write for Fabulous Arizona on several topics, including – of course – all things gluten-free across AZ.

What is the best way to pitch you?

Email me with event and travel pitches, content collaborations, or gluten-free story ideas at GlutenFreeTravelGirl@gmail.com.

It has been a big year for you – tell us about it!

In addition to moving to our new home, my fiancé and I welcomed our second daughter, Madeline, right before Christmas. At the same time, both my sister and brother both added to their broods as well, so we have grown our family exponentially in the past several months.

What are some of the best gluten-free spots across Arizona?

My favorite places to dine include at Buck & Rider, Ling & Louie’s, Vecina, Flower Child, Ike’s Sandwiches, 32 Shea, Sushi Brokers, Postino, Tocaya, True Food Kitchen, Pita Jungle, Cibo, Fire & Brimstone, Cooper’s Hawk, and The Stand. I also grab delicious gluten free treats at Intentional Foods, The Onli Cannoli, Jewel’s Cafe, Gluten Free Creations, and Spooky Swirl’s.

You are also quite the wine connoisseur and occasional writer on the topic. Any favorite varietals or vineyards?

Give me something ice cold and sparkling! I also love a French rosé or an Oregon Pinot Moir. My favorite pastime is visiting beautiful vineyards and tasting new wines (with Alison!). My mom and I joke that we can find wine tasting in any city.

Any fun summer plans?

We are headed back to my fiancé’s home state of Michigan for a full month, and then toward the end of summer meeting HMA’s own Alison at her lake house in Michiana for all things boats, friends, and what I am told is a very competitive blind wine competition.

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at Jul 8, 2024

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