#MediaMonday – 99 Problems but the Media Ain’t One

Arizona isn’t the only one celebrating a 100th birthday in 2012. Our (in)famous #MediaMonday profiles happen to be turning 100, too.
Yep, our weekly profiles of members of the media from across the globe have reached the 100-post mark – and we think it calls for a little online celebration.
So in honor of #MediaMonday’s 100th post, each week in April we will be sharing “fun facts” about the media who have been profiled.
New to #MediaMonday? There is a full list of our past profiles here. Each week, we profile a member of the media by simply asking them one question – “what do you want to tell the blogosphere today?”
This week, we take a look at our first 20 profilees and share their wit and wisdom.
Here we go!

  • Michelle Glicksman – our very first profile! This magazine editor extraordinaire used to be an on-air reporter with the CBS affiliate in NYC. Among her most memorable interviews – Big Bird and an Emu. Ha!
  • Christia Gibbons – this media veteran in Arizona, most recently with the Tribune, Phoenix Business Journal, Arcadia News and InMaricopa, has a deep, dark secret – she was once a varsity cheerleader and a debutante in high school as well as a fraternity sweetheart in college. Anyone else want to make her to a cartwheel now?
  • Peter Corbett – Scottsdale Republic’s king of business news has NEVER taken an official journalism class. Ever.
  • Adam Kress – this popular social media editor got his start at the State Press at ASU and is a new daddy! Oh, and his wife works at Fairytale Brownies – delicious.
  • Jennifer Jones – the Local News Share managing editor has a new passion – Angels on Patrol. The organization supports families in crisis and youth who have either been abused or neglected and/or whose caregivers are facing extreme financial hardship identified by Phoenix Police Officers. Way to make a difference, Jen!
  • Kevin McCabe – a fellow NAU grad along with Peter Corbett above and our own Scott Hanson, is a father of FIVE. And most of them are teens these days. Good luck with that, Kev!
  • Catherine Anayna – this popular Arizona news anchor for more than 20 years in Arizona is also a marathon runner who’s become faster in her 40s than she ever was in her 30s.
  • Jan Buchholz – while she is leaving Phoenix for the Austin Business Journal any moment, it should be noted the Arizona is not the home of her first journalism gig. She got her start in Colorado and has also worked in Wyoming and California over the years.
  • Rick D’Amico – this FOX 10 Arizona Morning beloved news anchor has been with the same station more than 20 years and worked as a weatherman, news anchor, street reporter and business editor over the years. It’s about flexibility, people!
  •  Cathryn Creno – this Arizona Republic scribe is ALL ABOUT Ahwatukee.
  • Jason Christopher – this 20-year radio vet is an alum of Phoenix’s own Cortex High School. Can anyone name their mascot? Hint – Peyton Manning used to be one.
  • Jayme West – KTAR’s afternoon diva is an Arizona native and married a fellow native.
  • Doug Franz – Arizona Sports host Doug Franz never does a show without Mountain Dew – his caffeine addiction of choice.
  • Chris Casacchia – this former Phoenix Business Journal reporter is now with the OC Business Journal, living the high life by the beach. Must be soooo hard, Chris!
  • Jim Sharpe – KFYI’s resident “Sharpe in the Morning” man loves, of all things, tuna fish sandwiches.

Be sure to check back next Monday for our next anniversary edition. Also, if you have any other fun facts to share about the above media or great stories of working with them, be sure to comment below to share.

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at Apr 2, 2012

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