#MediaMonday – Michelle Glicksman

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many “Media Mondays” here at HMATime!
Each Monday, we are posting a blog to help our readers get to know the media just a little bit better.
With a TWIST!
No, we aren’t posting story pitch tips or media lists, but instead great stories from the media themselves about their lives, their work and other little known facts! Think of it as your first “networking” opportunity of the week!
Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Michelle Glicksman, who the editor of both So Scottsdale Magazine and Scottsdale Health Magazine.
So, Michelle, time to share!
What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
Michelle: I used to do television reporting, and I started out at a CBS affiliate station in upstate New York. One time I interviewed Big Bird, and another, I interviewed an emu. Yes, an emu. Hey–it was upstate New York! And it certainly beat the time my photog and I had to chase a murderer! I was also on kick line for all four years of college, and when I was about 10, I read Gone With the Wind in two days. And one last fun fact, my favorite book is A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, because the main character, Sara, stays true to herself no matter what others try to do to her or how they treat her. She has courage, self-confidence and still helps others and is positive. A great way to live!
Thanks to Michelle for being our first #MediaMonday. If you are a member of the media or know a member of the media who wants to share a little something too, just click here and tell us all about it.

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at Feb 8, 2010

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