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Cory Galvan Interviewing Frontdoors News is an award-winning, high-end society publication that focuses largely on celebrating our community leadership in areas of nonprofit, art, culture and cuisine. Being in the fifth largest city in the nation there’s definitely a lot of this to cover. Frontdoors News’ affluent readers are the types who like to visit art galleries, donate to charities, attend galas and play an active role in serving the community.
Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Cory Galvan, editor of Frontdoors News!
So, Cory, time to share!
We just bumped into you. Quick – Give us the 4-1-1!

  • I am a true desert rat.  If it’s anything below 80 degrees I call it freezing! Just ask my fiancé, he’s my walking space heater.
  • If you ask me, I am the good fraternal twin.
  • I loathe name typos, subject lines that aren’t subjects and e-mails that begin, “Hi Mr. Galvan.”

Editor, that’s fancy.  Tell us more…
I was originally a business major. It took a trip across the world, eating the best pizza I’ve ever had in Naples and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea to discover that my true passion was in journalism. Travel does that to us.
During my time in college, I filmed a news story about the Granite Mountain Hot Shots in Prescott that would later become an important piece of history on June 30, 2013 when the Yarnell Hill Fire took the lives of 19 of those brave men. It taught me a valuable lesson about the privilege and responsibility of being a journalist.
For the past year and a half, I have served as editor of Frontdoors News connecting over 50,000 subscribers consisting of donors, political figures, CEOs and other movers and shakers to the powerful work of nonprofits. My admiration for volunteers, mentors and big thinkers grows daily!
Okay. Be honest. In a perfect world how would you describe your ideal public relations person?
My favorite agencies don’t have me chasing down high res images, power quotes or following up on set deadlines. I get a lot of e-mails so follow ups are highly recommended.
Hand us the Cheat Sheet!
I am looking for local stories that spotlight leaders such as gala chairs and nonprofit CEOs.  Frontdoors often features local product and accepts content related to food, fashion, art, culture and leadership.
The best way to send me your press release is in a Word document with attached high res images and a summary in the body of the e-mail.
Connect with me!

Phone: (602) 852-0283           E-mail: cg@patrickmediagroup.com
Facebook: Frontdoors News  Twitter: @Frontdoorsnews     LinkedIn: Cory Galvan

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at Feb 10, 2014

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