Is a Major Comeback on the Horizon for Facebook?

Major ComebackI don’t know about you, but when I first started using Facebook, it was a very different experience than it is today. Nowadays, at any given moment I can count on my Facebook newsfeed to feature a viral cat video, an ad for something I recently googled, and yet another viral cat video.
Facebook used to be a place solely for status updates. It was easy to see what your friends were up to, in chronological order without confusion. Today, I find my Facebook feed is constantly littered with useless (occasionally entertaining) videos, links and advertisements. I miss the old Facebook, which is why I can’t wait to see how the world receives their new-and-improved status feature!
Facebook confirmed on Tuesday that they are currently testing a new “temporary profile status” feature that will allow users to post text-only status updates containing up to 101 characters.  Users can set these statuses to expire after a certain amount of time, or they can be posted permanently.
“We’re testing an update that lets people set a temporary status on their profile to let friends know what they’re doing or feeling in the moment,” a Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “People have the option to set an expiration date for the status and choose whether or not it appears in News Feed or only on their profile.”
In 2016, Facebook found itself struggling to maintain original posting by users, which was no surprise to me. I stopped posting on Facebook regularly in 2012, when I first noticed a change in the content cluttering my newsfeed. However, I think Facebook still has great potential if they can successfully return to their timely, “in-the-moment” roots, and ditch the cat videos.

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at Oct 20, 2017

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