What is the Difference Between Local and National Public Relations?

Several times a month, when discussing with prospects our public relations agency’s strengths and business philosophies, we are asked whether we can provide national public relations support.  The answer is yes.  But, they’ll usually go on to say, you are a Phoenix-based public relations agency.  Also, yes.

We are a Phoenix-based public relations agency and because of our membership in the Public Relations Global Network, we have “local” offices in more than 50 locations around the world.

Several years ago (almost 30), HMA, along with several other U.S.-based firms, were part of the Edelman Public Relations network. Edelman understood the value of local practitioners on the ground in certain markets in order to serve their national clients.  But rather than open up their own office, they partnered with local agencies, thereby expanding their network and giving the local firms access to national accounts.

When Edelman decided to disband their network, five of the firms decided to stick it out and formed a new network, then called the Phoenix Network. The name derived from the fact that the first meeting was held here in Phoenix and that we had “risen from the ashes” from under the Edelman umbrella, like a Phoenix bird.

As the needs of the Network evolved so did our outreach and the need to rename it to better reflect our global representation.

As the website says: “We’re the world’s local public relations agency. With PR leaders embedded into the fabric of the communities we service, clients hire our agencies for the local knowledge, expertise and connections in markets spanning six continents.”

So yes, HMA is a local firm, providing award-winning campaigns for clients throughout Arizona since 1980.  And yes, HMA is a national and international firm, providing award-winning campaigns, together with our affiliates, throughout the world.

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at Apr 6, 2021

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