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Most of you know that I had the opportunity to travel to Israel in February 2008 with my lifelong friend Donna.  The mission trip was led by Rabbi Yitz Wyne of Young Israel Aish Las Vegas and was attended by Rabbi’s son and five other people.
The trip was incredible…so much to do, so much to see, so much to learn.  On one particular evening Rabbi and I were chatting after dinner about work, life, family, etc. and he said he’d like to write a book someday.  He asked if I’d help him promote the book when it was done.  Of course, I said yes.  And on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, we held the first of what we hope are many book signing events for Life is Great! Revealing the 7 Secrets to a More Joyful You!
During the book signing, Rabbi gave a brief talk about the book and his reasons for deciding to put his thoughts down on paper.  He said it was to give permanence to the things he shares with his six children each and every day.  Although he is a pulpit rabbi, he admits he very rarely writes down his sermons, preferring instead to have a basic theme in mind and adjust his comments based on the reactions of the congregation.  But his genuine desire and belief in the fact that people can live a more joyful life further provided the incentive he needed to get those thoughts down on paper.
As an Orthodox Rabbi, the book references the Torah, the Talmud, Kabbalah, and other Jewish teachings.  But the book need not be considered a Jewish book, as the principles and teachings, I believe, are universal and can apply to all – no matter what you believe in. I’ve read the book three times (twice in the editing phase and once as a completed manuscript), each time coming away with something different.
Truthfully, I think there are more than seven secrets revealed in the book.  Here are some of what I believe:

  • Happiness is powerful… and that comes from appreciating that life is good. It doesn’t come from what we possess.
  • Joy and happiness fuel all aspects of greatness.
  • Clarity is one of the most important aspects of our lives.  Clarity brings about joy. Clarity demands that we are honest with ourselves.
  • Realizing what you are willing to die for is realizing what you are willing to live for. And if you are willing to die and live for it, it is worth enjoying.
  • Your ability to life joyfully is not dependent on anyone else. No one can make you happy or make you sad.
  • Living with happiness and joy gives us the energy and focus to do what we need to do and makes us more giving human beings.
  • There are wonderful things around us all the time, choose to see them.
  • Be generous with your happiness – show it through time and treasures.


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at Nov 18, 2011

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