Leap Into Communications This Leap Day

February 29 is here again, marking the return of the elusive Leap Day. Every four years, our calendars add one extra day to our lives to keep our clocks and calendars in synchrony with Earth’s orbit around the sun.

There are about 5 million people worldwide with a Feb. 29 birthday, these individuals are known as “leaplings.” And Leap Year feelings differ around the globe as a few countries consider a Leap Year bad luck such as Italy and Scotland, while Greece consider Leap Year bad luck for marriage and Taiwan considers Leap Year bad luck for the elderly in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the Irish have a tradition of women proposing to men on Leap Day.

If communications efforts aren’t an element of your overall business strategy, Leap Day might be the perfect opportunity to try. Leap Day can serve as a great way to jumpstart a playful campaign for your audience or pitch a unique broadcast segment idea centered around the spirit of the day.

Alternatively, consider Leap Day as an extra day of business to try new things. Attempt fresh brainstorming methods, develop updated key messaging, think up a Leap Day content for social media, meet up in a different spot, or start a creative project with your team. Experimenting with these ideas can spark new ideas and offer a change of pace.

There are multiple ways you can tailor the Leap Day message to fit your business. Whether you take advantage of Leap Day for its exclusivity as it only occurs every four years, for its factor as an “extra” day, or as a transition to enter a new phase, connecting your business to the day, and other days like it, can help you get your business out to the world.

If you are looking to take the leap and introduce public relations and marketing efforts to your regular business strategies–contact HMA! Happy Leap Day!

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at Feb 29, 2024

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