Is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Still Effective?

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Le Blanc Los Cabos with my sister for a long-awaited getaway without our partners, fellow family members, or even children. Just us.

Given it was the first time we were able to spend substantial uninterrupted time together in nearly seven years, the stakes were high. I wanted everything to be just right. I am so very happy to report that the resort and its team delivered on every level. Honestly, they made sure the trip exceeded even my lofty expectations.

Since returning home, I think I’ve shared the resort’s details with at least 50 people. At times, I feel like I am pitching them, almost as if they are a client taking part in our media relations’ services. The praise, both public and private, took me down a rabbit hole about word-of-mouth marketing.

Does word of mouth marketing still work in this day and age?

Obviously, based on my recent experience, I assumed yes. However, I did not know just how important it remains.

According to Nielsen, in its global Trust in Advertising Study that surveyed 40,000 across 56 countries, 88% of consumers said that they trusted recommendations from people they know, above all other forms of marketing messaging.

Another study showed that word-of-mouth marketing resulted in five times more sales than advertising.

And finally, according to a study by the Keller Fay Group, 50 percent of consumers say they are very likely to make a purchasing decision based on a real-life conversation, meaning one had offline away from social media.

Now, this does not mean one should abandon all other forms of marketing communications. It means that continuously listening to one’s target audience and constantly evolving the customer/end-user experience is critical. The bottom line is that brands cannot control with people say, so they need to work around the clock on making authentic connections and engaging with their consumers in real life, not just on social media.

Let us help you listen to your end-users more effectively and sync your communication plan with the people here.

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at Jul 26, 2023

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